Salmon Tower Building

The Salmon Tower Building is a 31-story skyscraper[5] located at 11 West 42nd Street[6] in Manhattan, New York City, near Bryant Park. It was designed by Albert J. Wilcox[7] and finished in 1928. The firm of Walter J. Salmon Sr. which erected the building, was known as 11 West 42nd Street, Inc.[8] Directly to the west of the Salmon Tower Building is the former Aeolian Building, and to its east is 500 Fifth Avenue, also built by Salmon Sr.

Salmon Tower Building
General information
Location11 West 42nd Street, Manhattan, New York
Coordinates40.75416°N 73.98194°W / 40.75416; -73.98194
OwnerTishman Speyer, Silverstein Properties
Roof370 feet (110 m)
Technical details
Floor count31
Floor area932,101 square feet (86,595.0 m2)[1]
Design and construction
ArchitectYork & Sawyer
DeveloperWalter J. Salmon Sr.


The Salmon Tower Building was completed by early 1928 at which time its interior was more than 50% leased.[9] The New York City headquarters to elect Herbert Hoover President of the United States in 1928 were located in the Salmon Tower Building.[10]

In September 1941 there was a strike of elevator operators in the building, so that only four of its eighteen elevators were operating on the morning of September 25.[6] In October 1952 a fire in the structure's subbasement caused five firemen to be overcome from smoke inhalation.[11]

Salmon Tower Building was sold by the estate of Charles Frederick Hoffman in June 1964, following an ownership of over sixty years. At the time its assessed value amounted to $5.25 million. It was situated on a plot of land which was 34,309 square feet.[5] It is currently owned by Tishman Speyer & Silverstein Properties. In 1980 Tishman Speyer & Silverstein Properties collaborated on a $25 million renovation.[12]



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