Salmo fibreni

Salmo fibreni, or the Fibreno trout, is a freshwater salmonid fish, endemic to Lago di Posta Fibreno in central Italy.[1][2]

Salmo fibreni
Scientific classification
S. fibreni
Binomial name
Salmo fibreni
Zerunian & Gandolfi, 1990

The size of Lago di Posta Fibreno is only 0.29 km². It is a narrow lake 1.1 km long, 100–300 m wide, situated 289 m above sea level. The lake is in a karstic terrain and rich in underwater springs. The Fibreno trout breeds close to these springs in mid-winter. It is sympatric with the more widespread Salmo cettii (Mediterranean trout), and separated from it by the breeding time: S. cettii spawns in early spring.[1]


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