Salm-Horstmar was a short-lived Napoleonic County in far northern North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, located around Horstmar, to the northeast of Münster. It was created in 1803 for Wild- and Rhinegrave Frederick Charles Augustus of Salm-Grumbach following the loss of Grumbach and other territories west of the Rhine to France. It was mediatised to the Kingdom of Prussia in 1813 and the Wild- and Rhinegrave was awarded a princely title within Prussia three years later.

Forest- and Rhine-County of Salm-Horstmar

Wild- und Rheingrafschaft Salm-Horstmar
Coat of arms
StatusClient of the First French Empire,
State of the Confederation of the Rhine
Wild- and Rhinegrave 
Historical eraNapoleonic Wars
 Count Frederick given
    princely title in Prussia
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Bishopric of Münster
Kingdom of Prussia

Count of Salm-Horstmar (1803–1813)

  • Frederick Charles Augustus (1803–1813)

Princes of Salm-Horstmar (1816-present)[1]

  • Wilhelm Friedrich, 1st Prince 1816-1865 (1799-1865)
    • Otto I, 2nd Prince 1865-1892 (1833-1892)
      • Otto II, 3rd Prince 1892-1941 (1867-1941)
        • Philipp Franz, 4th Prince 1941-1996 (1909-1996)
          • Philipp Otto, 5th Prince 1996–present (born 1938)
            • Philipp, Hereditary Prince of Salm-Horstmar (born 1973)
            • Prince Christian of Salm-Horstmar (born 1975)
          • Prince Gustav Friedrich of Salm-Horstmar (born 1942)
            • Prince Maximilian of Salm-Horstmar (born 1979)
            • Prince Leopold of Salm-Horstmar (born 1982)
          • Prince Johann Christof of Salm-Horstmar (born 1949)
          • Prince Carlos Federico of Salm-Horstmar (born 1965)
            • Prince Constantin of Salm-Horstmar (born 1994)
            • Prince Adrian of Salm-Horstmar (born 1996)



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