Sally of the Scandals

Sally of the Scandals is a 1928 American silent crime drama film produced and released by Film Booking Offices of America. It was directed by Lynn Shores and starred Bessie Love.[2]

Sally of the Scandals
Lobby card
Directed byLynn Shores
Ken Marr (ass't director)
Produced byFilm Booking Offices of America
Written byEnid Hibbard (story, scenario)
John W. Conway (intertitles)
Randolph Bartlett (intertitles)
StarringBessie Love
CinematographyPhilip Tannura
Edited byArchie Marshek
Distributed byFilm Booking Offices of America
Release date
  • July 15, 1928 (1928-07-15)
Running time
7 reels; 6,059 feet[1]
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)

The film is preserved in the Archives françaises du film du CNC (Bois d'Arcy).[3]


Chorus girl Sally Rand (Love) cares for her crippled sister Mary (Lambert). She agrees to marry gangster Bill Reilly (Miley)—whom she believes to be a legitimate businessman—after he promises to pay for an operation for her sister. The lead in the show, Marian Duval (Quimby), is jealous of the attention that Steve Sinclair (Forrest), wealthy backer of the Broadway show, is showing Sally, and she wrongfully accuses Sally of theft. Steve learns of Marian's and Reilly's lies, and prevents Sally from marrying Reilly. He then makes her the star of the show.[1][2][4]



Some interior scenes were filmed using the sets and chorus of the stage production of Sunny at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles.[6]


The film received positive reviews,[7] as did Bessie Love's performance.[8]


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