Salamumu is a village on the south west coast of Upolu island in Samoa. The village has two settlements, Salamumu Uta (population 338) and Salamumu Tai (population 33).[1]

Although the village, area 13.11 km²,[2] is geographically located on Upolu, the village is politically (and historically) part of the Gaga'emauga electoral district on the island of Savai'i.[3]

The settlement was relocated to Upolu in the early 1900s following volcanic eruptions from Mt Matavanu which destroyed villages on the north central coast of the Savai'i and leaving behind extensive lava fields at Saleaula.

The people of Salamumu still have strong kinship cultural ties to their land on Savai'i.

Le'auva'a is another settlement on Upolu island which was also relocated from Savai'i following the volcanic eruptions.


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