Saklan tribe

The Saklan are a tribe of the Native American Miwok community, based just south of San Pablo and Suisun Bays, in California.[1] Their historical tribal lands ranged from Moraga, to San Leandro Creek, to Lafayette.[2]


The Saklan were historically called the Sacalanes, based on historical documentation related to Spanish contact. They are mentioned under that name, and related spellings, in the records for Mission Dolores between 1794 and 1821. They were first called the Saklan, in 1797. In 1816 they were mentioned again, as the Sacalanes, in the reports of the first Kotzebue expedition in 1816.[1]


The former site of a Saklan village, which was possibly occupied from 1500 until 1772, is located in Tice Valley. It is a California Historical Landmark.[2] The town of Acalanes Ridge, California was named after the community, of whom lived in the area.[1] Today, many Saklan descendants have intermarried with the larger Chochenyo Ohlone community.[3]

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