Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation

The Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (SLSDC) is the agency of the United States Department of Transportation that operates and maintains the U.S.-owned and operated facilities of the joint United States-Canadian Saint Lawrence Seaway. It operates 2 of the 15 locks of the Seaway between Montreal and Lake Erie.

Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Agency overview
Formed1954 (1954)
JurisdictionUnited States Government
Parent departmentUnited States Department of Transportation

Its Canadian counterpart is the Saint Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, a non-profit corporation under Canadian law.

The current Administrator is Betty Sutton, a former Democratic U.S. Representative from Ohio.[1]

List of Administrators

  1. Lewis G. Castle, 1954–1960, died in office
  2. Martin W. Oettershagen, acting, June 1960 – December 1961
  3. Joseph H. McCann, 1962–1969
  4. David W. Oberlin, June 1969 – February 1983
  5. James L. Emery, February 1984 – February 1991
  6. Stanford Parris, March 1991 – 1995, resigned
  7. Gail C. McDonald, January 1996 – March 1998
  8. Albert S. Jacquez, Januar 1999-December 2005
  9. Collister Johnson, Jr., September 2006-December 2012
  10. Betty Sutton, 2013-currently[1]

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