Saint Hubert Street

St. Hubert Street (officially in French: rue Saint-Hubert) is a north-south street that spans the island of Montreal. It is located east of Berri Street.

Saint Hubert Street
Native nameFrench: rue Saint-Hubert
LocationMontreal, Quebec, Canada
South endDe la Commune Street East
North endStanley Park Avenue


The land where this street is located was donated by Hubert-Joseph Lacroix (1743-1821), whose family settled on this street, and was officially laid out in 1826. The large residences built here in the second half of the nineteenth century, mainly by the French-Canadian elite, preserve the character of the street's residential origins to this day.

The artery was the site of the Montreal Eucharistic Congress in 1910, which ran between Saint-Antoine Street and Cherrier Street.

The first St-Hubert restaurant was opened on this street in 1951.

Between de Bellechasse Street and Jean-Talon Street, the street becomes an outdoor plaza,[1] with the sidewalks protected from the elements by a glass roof.


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