Saint-Gotthard Massif

The Saint-Gotthard Massif (German: Gotthardmassiv or Sankt-Gotthard-Massiv) is a mountain range in the Alps in Switzerland, located at the border of four cantons: Valais, Ticino, Uri and Graubünden. It is delimited by the Nufenen Pass on the west, by the Furka Pass and the Oberalp Pass on the north and by the Lukmanier Pass on the east. The homonymous Gotthard Pass, lying at the heart of the massif, is the main route from north to south (excluding tunnels).

Saint-Gotthard Massif
German: Gotthardmassiv
Pizzo Rotondo
Highest point
PeakPizzo Rotondo
Elevation3,192 m (10,472 ft)
Length30 km (19 mi)
Parent rangeLepontine Alps
Borders onBernese Alps, Uri Alps and Glarus Alps


The highest peaks of the massif are Pizzo Rotondo[1] (3,192 m) in the southwest, Pizzo Centrale (2,999 m) near the centre and Piz Gannaretsch (3,040 m) in the northeast. There is no peak named Saint-Gotthard.


There are three long tunnels traversing the Saint-Gotthard Massif:


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