Saima Noor

Saima (born May 5, 1967) is a Pakistani actress who has appeared in Punjabi and Urdu films and Pakistani dramas. She became a prominent film figure after starring in the film Choorian (1998), which is considered as one of the highest grossing Pakistani films of all time.[1] Some of her other significant work includes Buddha Gujjar (2002), Majajan (2006), and Bhai Log (2011), all of which were commercial successes. She was one of the leading actresses of Lollywood during 1990s and early 2000s.

Saima Noor
Born (1967-05-05) May 5, 1967
OccupationActress, Model
Years active1987–present
Spouse(s)Syed Noor (m. 2005)

Saima has acted in over 300 movies and is known for her work in multiple film genres, including action, romance, and comedy. She also did a supernatural film Naag aur Nagin in 2005. She received critical acclaim for Shahzad Rafique's biographical film Salute (2016).[2] She is currently active in Pakistani television industry, where she has established herself as one of the most acclaimed and highest-paid actresses of television in recent years.[3]

In 2005, she married director Syed Noor with whom she had worked in a number of films.

Early life

Saima was born in Multan, Pakistan. She belongs to a Pathan family.[4][5]


Film career

Saima was introduced to the film industry by Nagina Khanum, making her debut in the 1987 film Griban. She then starred in her second film, Khatarnaak, which was directed by Akram Khan. During her early years in film industry, she was mostly paired opposite actor Sultan Rahi in Punjabi films, but was recognized as a leading actress when filmmaker Syed Noor launched her career in Urdu films.[6] Her biggest commercial success came out in 1998 when she starred in musical-romantic film Choorian which gathered around a total amount of Rs. 200 million and became the highest grossing Punjabi-language film in Pakistan, thus establishing her as a leading actress of Lollywood.[7] She portrayed the second lead role of Tanya in acclaimed revenge thriller film Khilona which had Meera and Saud in leading roles. In 2000, she played the character of a fearless girl in film Jungle Queen, who is a female Tarzan type living in the jungle, swings on vines, rides elephants, etc. It was directed by her husband Syed Noor. In 2005, she appeared as a serpent in supernatural-fantasy film Naag aur Nagin.[8] In 2011, she played the role of Munniya in action film Bhai Log, which was a moderate box-office success, earning over Rs. 9.7 million in the first three days of its release.[9] In 2012, she was paired opposite Shaan in family film Shareeka, which had a decent opening on box-office, accumulating over Rs. 3 million alone on the first three days of screening.[10] Saima has also appeared in a biographical drama film Salute based upon the life of Aitzaz Hasan.[11]

Television career

Apart from films, she has also appeared in a number of television series, including Rang Laaga, Kaneez,Ye Mera Deewanapan Hai and Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai. In 2018, she was signed opposite Sarmad Khoosat in drama series Lamhay.[12]

Upcoming projects

She will next star in her husband Syed Noor's delayed film Bhai Wanted.[13] She will again collaborate with Noor in a yet-to-be-titled film, which will mark the first-ever Pak-Iran collaboration and will be released in both places as well as selected countries around the world.[14]

Personal life

Despite being romantically linked to Syed Noor, it was not officially revealed that whether she has married him or not. In 2007, during a press conference, Saima publicly stated that she married Syed Noor in July 2005, during the making of their mutual film Majajan.[2]

In 2018, some media publications and online websites reported that Syed Noor has divorced Saima and the two are living separately. However, the couple denied these rumours and released a short clip on social media stating that they are happily married and will never separate.[15]

In the media

Saima was one of the most popular and leading film actresses of Pakistan during 1990s and early 2000s.[16] In 2017, The Express Tribune published an article on the topic of lack of new heroines in revival of Lollywood, in which Saima was cited as being lucky for the industry as she belongs to Southern Punjab.[17] Film critic Omair Alavi from The News International praised her acting credibility and wrote that, "You can see why directors have continued to cast her over the years".[18] In 2010, BBC News dubbed her as the "reigning queen of Pakistan's silver screen" and noted that she is "now one of the biggest names in the industry".[19]

After the decline of Pakistani film industry, Saima made her television debut and went on to become one of the highest-paid actresses of television medium along with actress Resham who was her contemporary from the 1990s.[20]

Selected filmography

Year Film
1987 Griban
1994 Zameen Aasman
1994 Saranga
1996 Ghunghat
1998 Choorian
1998 Dupatta Jal Raha Hai
2000 Billi
2000 Jungle Queen
2001 Uff Yeh Beewian
2001 Moosa Khan
2003 Larki Punjaban
2003 Roti Goli Aur Sarkar
2005 Naag aur Nagin
2005 Bau Badmash
2006 Qaidi Yaar
2006 Majajan
2007 Jhoomar
2008 Gulabo
2008 Zill-e-Shah
2010 Channa Sachi Muchi
2010 Wohti Ley Ke Jaani Ay
2011 Jugni
2011 Aik Aur Ghazi
2011 Bhai Log
2012 Shareeka
2013 Ishq Khuda
2016 Salute


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