Sagar veena

The Sagar veena is a plucked string instrument used in Pakistani music. Similar to the Carnatic Gottuvadhyam (Chitra Vina) and Vichitra veena, it has no frets and is played with a slide. Developed in 1970 by prominent Pakistani lawyer Raza Kazim, it has evolved from Vichitra veena in both structure and sound.[1]

Up until today, Kazim's daughter Noor Zehra is the only player of the Sagar since its inception.[2][3] More than seventeen Sagar Veena's have been made since its inception, with each later version different in variation and advancement. The sagar veena is being developed, studied, and researched at the Sanjan Nagar Institute of Philosophy and Arts in Lahore.

The sagar veena was strummed by Zehra in the ninth season of Coke Studio, during an original track performed by her sons Ali Hamza and Ali Noor.[4]


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