Sadasiva Raya

Sadasiva Raya (1543–1567) was a ruler of the Vijayanagara Empire,[1] a powerful South Indian empire based in the Deccan in 16th century India.

Vijayanagara Empire
Sangama dynasty
Harihara I 1336–1356
Bukka Raya I 1356–1377
Harihara Raya II 1377–1404
Virupaksha Raya 1404–1405
Bukka Raya II 1405–1406
Deva Raya I 1406–1422
Ramachandra Raya 1422
Vira Vijaya Bukka Raya 1422–1424
Deva Raya II 1424–1446
Mallikarjuna Raya 1446–1465
Virupaksha Raya II 1465–1485
Praudha Raya 1485
Saluva dynasty
Saluva Narasimha Deva Raya 1485–1491
Thimma Bhupala 1491
Narasimha Raya II 1491–1505
Tuluva dynasty
Tuluva Narasa Nayaka 1491–1503
Vira Narasimha Raya 1503–1509
Krishna Deva Raya 1509–1529
Achyuta Deva Raya 1529–1542
Venkata I 1542
Sadasiva Raya 1542–1570
Aravidu dynasty
Aliya Rama Raya 1542–1565
Tirumala Deva Raya 1565–1572
Sriranga I 1572–1586
Venkata II 1586–1614
Sriranga II 1614
Rama Deva Raya 1617–1632
Venkata III 1632–1642
Sriranga III 1642–1646

Sadasiva Raya

When the Vijayanagara ruler Achyuta Raya, who was the younger brother of Krishnadevaraya, died in AD 1542, his son, Venkata I (Venkata Raya or Venkatadri Raya), succeeded him. He was a weak ruler and was killed six months later. Sadasiva Raya, who was the nephew (sister's son) of Achyuta Raya became king according to the laws of Aliya Santana which was prevalent among the caste to which the Tuluva dynasty belonged. Sadasiva Raya alone with his minister Rama Raya,who restored the Vijayanagara empire's power which had diminished after the rule of Krishna Deva Raya.The strategy was to play the Deccan Sultanates against each other by first allying with one and then another.[2]

Preceded by
Achyuta Deva Raya
Vijayanagar empire
Succeeded by
Aliya Rama Raya


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