Sabine Timoteo

Sabine Timoteo (born 25 March 1975) is a Swiss actress[1] from the Lorraine district of Bern.[2][3] She has appeared in more than thirty films since 2000.

Sabine Timoteo
Born (1975-03-25) 25 March 1975
Years active2000-present

Early life

Timoteo grew up dividing time between the United States and Lausanne, Switzerland. As a trained ballet dancer, she won the Prix de Lausanne at 17-years-old.[3]


Prior to acting, Timoteo was an award-winning dancer. She gave up dancing after it began to negatively affect her body.[2]

She spent three months in the Japanese Zen monastery Antaiji for the film Zen for Nothing.[4][3]

Selected filmography

Year Title Role Notes
2017 Sicilian Ghost Story
2016 Zen for Nothing
7 Minutes
The Chronicles of Melanie[5] Melanie Latvian film
2015 Usfahrt Oerlike
2014 The Wonders Coco
2010 Brownian Movement
2006 The Free Will
A Friend of Mine
2005 Ghosts
2001 The Days Between


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