SS Sugar Transporter (1957)

SS Sugar Transporter was a cargo ship built by Hall, Russell & Company and launched on 21 November 1957. It was sponsored by the wife of Mr. J. F. P. Tate, a director of Silvertown Services Shipping Company Ltd. In 1966, the ship's name was changed to Malmi under new owners from Helsinki, Finland. On 6 December 1979, during a voyage from Gdańsk, Poland to Koverhar, Malmi capsized and sank in the Baltic Sea, 40 nautical miles (46 miles; 74 km) northeast of Gotska Sandön, when her cargo of coke shifted in heavy weather.[1]

SS Sugar Transporter
  • Sugar Transporter (1957–1966)
  • MALMI (1966–1979)
  • Silvertown Services Shipping Co. Ltd (1957–1966)
  • Etaliä - Snomen Laiva O/Y (1966–1979)
Builder: Hall, Russell & Company
Yard number: 859
Launched: 21 November 1957
Sponsored by: Mrs J.F.P. Tate
Identification: Official number:187743
Fate: Sank 1979
General characteristics
Tonnage: 6,550 GT
Length: 370 ft (110 m)
Beam: 53 ft (16 m)
Depth: 28 ft (8.5 m)


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