SS Stanwood

SS Stanwood was a British collier that was sunk off Falmouth in December 1939 after her cargo of coal caught fire.

Name: SS Itajahy
Namesake: Itajaí
Owner: Hamburg-Sudamerikanische Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft
Builder: Reiherstieg Schiffswerfte & Maschinenfabrik, Hamburg
Yard number: 459
Launched: 1915
Fate: Handed over to UK as war reparations, 1919
United Kingdom
  • SS Itajahy (1919-1921)
  • SS Hesione (1921-1937)
  • SS Stanwood (1937-1939)
Identification: Official number: 143082[1]
Fate: Sunk, 10 December 1939
General characteristics
Type: Cargo ship
Tonnage: 4,155 GRT
Length: 110.2 m (361 ft 7 in)
Beam: 15.6 m (51 ft 2 in)
Propulsion: 1 × triple expansion steam engine
Speed: 10 knots (19 km/h; 12 mph)

Ship history

The ship was built in 1915 by the Reiherstieg Schiffswerfte & Maschinenfabrik shipyard in Hamburg, Germany, as the Itajahy on behalf of the Hamburg-Sudamerikanische Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft ("Hamburg-South America Line"), but was requisitioned by the German Navy.[2] In 1919 she was handed over to the UK as war reparations. She was owned by Elder Dempster & Company until 1921, when she was sold to R.P. Houston & Company, and renamed Hesione.[3] In 1937 she was sold to the Stanhope Steamship Company and renamed Stanwood.[4]

On 10 December 1939 the Stanwood's cargo of coal caught fire. The ship was scuttled in 12 m (39 ft) of water in Carrick Roads in order to extinguish the fire, with intention of then raising her. Unfortunately she slipped into deeper waters, and the crew abandoned her with the loss of one man. Attempts to refloat her were unsuccessful although her cargo was recovered. Deemed a hazard to shipping the wreck was later broken up with explosives.[5]

The wreck remains popular with divers,[6][7] though permission must first be obtained from the harbour master.[8]

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