SS Louis Sheid

SS Louis Sheid was a 6,057 ton Belgian steamer that ran aground off Devon after escaping U-47 following the rescue of the captain and crew of the freighter MV Tajandoen on 7 December 1939.[1]

SS Louis Shied
  • Ultor
  • Kendal Castle
  • Louis Sheid
Builder: Nord Werft
General characteristics
Type: Steamship
Tonnage: 6,057 tons
Length: 420 ft (130 m)
Beam: 55 ft (17 m)

Louis Shied measured 420 feet (130 m) long with a beam of 55 feet (17 m). She was built by Nord Werft of Wesermunder under the name Ultor and renamed Kendal Castle prior to being badged Louis Sheid for the Belgian National Shipping Line.

Louis Sheid sits in 8 metres (26 ft) of water off Leas Foot beach at Thurlestone at 50°15.658′N 3°51.831′W. It is a reasonable snorkel out so some divers opt to do this as a boat dive.

Two Thirds Blue Sub-Aqua Club (SAA 912) adopted the wreck under the scheme run by the Nautical Archaeology Society.[2]

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