SS Lindus (1881)

SS Lindus was an Australian iron-hulled coastal cargo ship driven by a 160 H.P. 2-cylinder compound steam engine with a top cruising speed of 10 knots. She was built in 1881 by Edward Withy & Co., Hartlepool, England. Her engines were built by T. Richardson & Sons, Hartlepool. She had a complement of 24 crewmembers.[1]

Name: SS Lindus
  • T. J. Parker, London (1881-1884)
  • Huddart, Parker & Co., Melbourne (1884-1899)
Port of registry: Melbourne
Builder: Edward Withy & Co., West Hartlepool, UK
Completed: 1881
Status: Wrecked, 4 June 1899
General characteristics
Type: Iron screw steamer
Tonnage: 1,678 GT
Displacement: 1,080 NT
Length: 78.45 m (257 ft 5 in)
Beam: 10.54 m (34 ft 7 in)
Draught: 5.425 m (17 ft 9.6 in)
Installed power: Compound engine
Crew: 24


On 4 June 1899, traveling from Newcastle, New South Wales on her way to Adelaide while carrying a cargo of coal the Lindus was caught up in a heavy storm and was wrecked near Newcastle's Oyster Bank, on the wreck of the Colonist at position 32.914°S 151.797°E / -32.914; 151.797.[1]

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