SS Girls

SS Girls (Italian: Casa privata per le SS) is an Italian Nazi exploitation film by director Bruno Mattei. The film is about a brothel where traitors of the Nazi high command are eradicated. To help the brothel out, a Nazi commander, involved in intelligence work, enlists the aid of scientists who train various prostitutes to sexually satisfy the desires of the Nazi high command and root out any traitors.[4]

SS Girls
Italian film poster for SS Girls
Directed byBruno Mattei
Produced byOscar Santaniello[1]
Screenplay by
  • Bruno Mattei
  • Giacinto Boncquista[1]
  • Gabriele Carrara
  • Marina D'Aunia
  • Macha Magall
  • Luciano Pigozzi
  • Tamara Triffez
Music byGianna Marchetti[1]
CinematographyEmilio Giannini[2]
Edited byVincenzo Vanni[2]
Distributzione Associate Regionali[3]
Distributed byIndipendenti Regionali[2]


Near the end of World War II a German officer selects ten prostitutes to root out the traitors in Hitler's Third Reich. After many orgies and the execution of disloyal officers, the entire company kill themselves upon hearing of Hitler's death.

Partial cast

  • Ivano Staccioli as Gen. Berger
  • Luciano Pigozzi as Prof. J├╝rgen (as Alan Collins)
  • Gabriele Carrara as Hans Schellenberg
  • Marina Daunia as Frau Inge
  • Macha Magall as Madame Eva
  • Lucic Bogoliub Benny as Dirlewanger
  • Eolo Capritti as Nazi General (as Al Capri)


SS Girls is an example of Naziploitation.[5][6] This cycle of Nazi sexploitation films are predominantly Italian in origin and emerged for a brief period between 1975 and 1977.[7] In Bruno Mattei's nazi-themed films, the settings are Nazi bordellos and are concerned with staging explicit sexuality.[8]


Parts of the score of SS Girls was from Gianni Marchetti's score for The Last Desperate Hours.[9]


SS Girls passed Italian censorship on January 12, 1977.[2]


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