SS Eastfield

SS Eastfield was a 2,150-ton armed steamship which was torpedoed by the German U-boat SM UB-57 on 27 November 1917.[2] The wreck sits intact at 50°14.255′N 4°42.262′W at a depth of 50 metres (160 ft) off Mevagissey, Cornwall. The cargo of coal can be found scattered on the sea bed nearby.

United Kingdom
Name: SS Eastfield
Owner: The Field Line (Cardiff) Ltd.
Builder: Osbourne, Graham & Co., North Hylton, Sunderland
Yard number: 113
Launched: 1901
Identification: Official number: 112797
Fate: Sunk, 27 November 1917
General characteristics [1]
Type: Armed merchant ship
Tonnage: 2,145 GRT
Length: 87.2 m (286 ft 1 in)
Beam: 13.1 m (43 ft 0 in)
Depth: 5.8 m (19 ft 0 in)
Propulsion: 3-cylinder triple expansion steam engine, 212 hp (158 kW)

The ship was built by Osbourne, Graham & Company of Sunderland in 1901, and owned by The Field Line (Cardiff) Ltd.[3]

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