SS Bertha (1905)

SS Bertha [1]was a cargo vessel built for the London and South Western Railway in 1905.[2]

Name: SS Bertha
Port of registry:
Builder: Gourlay Brothers, Dundee
Yard number: 219
Launched: 9 November 1905
General characteristics
Tonnage: 528 gross register tons (GRT)
Length: 175.3 feet (53.4 m)
Beam: 28.1 feet (8.6 m)
Draught: 12.4 feet (3.8 m)


She was built by Gourlay Brothers in Dundee and launched on 9 November 1905[3] by Miss Key, daughter of one of the railway superintendents. She was the second of a pair of vessels ordered by the London and South Western Railway, the other being Ada. She was built for light cargo traffic between Southampton and the Channel Islands.

She was acquired by the Southern Railway in 1923.

She was sold in 1933 to Metal Industries, Limited of Rosyth and used as a salvage vessel in raising some members of the German Fleet scuttled in Scapa Flow. [4]


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