SS August Helmerich

SS August Helmerich was a German cargo ship that collided with SS Normandie off Dalarö (east coast of Öland) while on a voyage from Kotka, Finland to Hamburg, Germany with a cargo of wood.

Port of registry: Lübeck, Germany
Builder: Koch Henry A.G.
Completed: 1889
Maiden voyage: 1889
In service: 1889
Out of service: 30 September 1919
Fate: Sank after a collision with SS Normandie
General characteristics
Type: Cargo ship
Tonnage: 842 GRT
Length: 63 metres (206 ft 8 in)
Beam: 9.2 metres (30 ft 2 in)


August Helmerich was constructed in 1889 at the Koch Henry A.G. shipyard in Lübeck, Germany. She was completed in 1889 and she was named August Helmerich and served from 1889 until her demise in 1919.

The ship was 63 metres (206 ft 8 in) long and had a beam of 9.2 metres (30 ft 2 in). The ship was assessed at 842 GRT.


On 30 September 1919, August Helmerich was on a voyage from Kotka, Finland to Hamburg, Germany with a cargo of wood when she collided with SS Normandie off Dalarö. The ship foundered with no casualties.[1]


The wreck was discovered in 2000 and was found totally intact (except for a hole from the collision) in 60 metres (196 ft 10 in) of water.


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