SM St Joseph Papar

SM St Joseph Papar is a Malaysian secondary school in Papar, Malaysia. It was established in 1953.

SM St Joseph Papar
PO. BOX 185, 89608

TypeSecondary School
MottoGlorifying god through Education
School districtPapar
PrincipalJenith Mahibol
GradesBridge 1 - Form 5
Medium of languageMalay language, English
InformationTel : 088-913589
Fax : 088-911461


1953Reverend Father Klijin, a Mill Hill Missionary Priest, started the first Form 1 Class with some 17 students in a room under his residence at the present site of the school. He was the 1st Principal for SJS. The present Principal’s office was the living quarters of Father Klijin and the present Senior Assistant for Student Affairs office was Father Klijin’s office.[1]
1958Reverend Father Y.D. Schoor, a graduate from London became the 2nd Principal and Father Coogan, the Senior Assistant.
1959Reverend Father Coogan, a graduate from Cambridge University became the 3rd Principal and Father L. Purcell, the Senior Assistant.
1960Reverend Father A. Rainer became the 4th Principal and 27 students passed brilliantly (91.9%) in the SJS exam.
1961Reverend Father A. Rainer raised the Rainer Block (the current St Joseph Primary School).
1962Reverend Father J. De Wit became the 5th Principal (1962 – 1966).
1965A Form 5 class was started with 12 students.
1966Reverend Father Heuschen became the 6th Principal (1966 – 1968). St Joseph Parish Church was built by Father Yuno Walter and Father Gillespile became the Senior Assistant.
1968Reverend Father Thomas Sham became the 7th Principal and built the basketball court.
1969Reverend Father P.J. MacDonald, a graduate from Scotland became the 8th Principal.
19711) Mr Albert Tien became the first lay person to take over the Principalship of SJS and he became the 9th Principal.
2) The first school magazine, ASTRA-STAR, was published.
1972SJS emerged the Champs of the “Pintu Gerbang” Competition during the Tamu Besar held in Papar.
1974The volleyball court was built. Both the Boys and Girls Volleyball team won the Inter-school competition.
1975SJS won the Open Dance Competition held in Papar.
1977Mr Albert Tien was awarded the Best Teacher Certificate by the Education Department. SJS Parent-Teacher Association was formed.
1978The school building committed was formed.
1979SJS emerged champions in the “Pintu Gerbang” Competition.
1980Soo Chong Peng, a Form student represented Sabah at the National Basketball Competition held in Penang. She was then selected to represent Malaysia in the ASEAN School Sports Tournament in Jakarta.
19811) SJS took the Championship of the “Pintu Gerbang” Competition during the Sabah Centenary Celebration.
2) The SPM results was 65.8%, a record for SJS. A student, Andrian Ho Fui Ken, a form three student won the under 15 Art Competition during the Sabah Centenary Celebration. Vivian Ho Fui Len, 14 years old won the Poster Drawing Competition during the Sabah 15th Hijrah State Level Competition for Lower Secondary.
19821) The SJS Alumni was formed.
2) The SRP Examination result saw a 68% record. Corina Ho Fui Hiong, 13 years old won the gold medal with her piece entitled ‘A Village Scene in Papar’ during the 13th International Children’s Art Competition organised by the Nippon Television Network Cultural Society.
19851) The SJS Brass Band was officially launched on 24 June 1985.
2) 15th Ogos 1985. Mr Anthony Regis became the 10th Principal after Mr Albert Tien retired.
198712 June 1987, Mr Anthony Regis retired. Mr Ku Ting Yong became the 11th Principal.
19881) The change of the school badge from metal to cloth material.
2) The SJK (C) school burnt down and with it SJS’ art room.
1990SJS sent a team to the Forum Remaja Competition at regional level.
19911) SJS won the English Language Debating Competition at Papar Level and represented Pantai Barat Selatan.
2) The Kemahiran Hidup subject was introduced to the Form 4 and 5.
19921) SJS made history by emerging Champions in the Forum Remaja at National Level in Kuala Lumpur.
2) SJS won the men’s section for the Piala Diraja Speech Competition at State Level and first runners-up in the ladies’ section.
19931) April 1993, SJS dance troupe represented Papar district to the regional level competition at Pantai Barat Selatan.
2) Julai 1993, the dance troup made history by winning all the categories: Rampaian; Zapin Berpasangan and the best man and lady dancer.
19941) Mr Dayu Sansalu became the 12th Principal on 13 April 1994.
2) 1 November, Mr Othman Soh, was carrying out the duties of the principal returned to Selangor.
19961) 3 students emerged Champion, 1st and 2nd Runners-up at the State level chess competition and represented the state at the National Level.
2) The SPM results was 76.6% above the National level.
19971) Mini Cabinet was formed by Datuk Terence Chong on 25 June 2005.
2) 388 students became the members of the new ‘Pusat Sumber Ilmu’.
3) 6 computers with internet connection was allocated.
4) 15 March, SJS won the First Runners-up at the MSSD Competition held at SMK Majakir and the Best Athlete was A Mohd. Zulhizal bin Wasli.
5) 31 March, the SPM results for 1996 was announced and SJS acquired the best results at regional level (highest percentage).
6) 11 June the Pantai Barat Selatan Chess competition saw SJS coming in fourth.
7) 14 Julai, Alam Syah Bin Daniel was first runner-up at the State Level Chess Competition and he represented the state at the National level.
19981) Pn Loo Sat Lin became the 13th Principal and the first Lady Principal for SJS.
2) 11 January 1998, a new garage was built for the teachers.
20001) The Scouts Association sent 6 members: 5 ladies and 1 young man to the BIMP-EAGA Jamboree at the Asia Pacific Level at Matang, Kuching, Sarawak that was held from 28 May – 4 June 2000.
2) 11 July 2000, the basketball court was upgraded.
20011) A new and bigger canteen was built on 20 April to replace the old canteen that was sharing space with the ‘Koperasi Persatuan Usahawan Muda’ and the Mini Cabinet room.
2001The teachers’ room and office was extended to provide more room for the growing number of teachers and to ensure some comfort for them.
2002The teachers’ room and office was extended to provide more room for the growing number of teachers and to ensure some comfort for them.
20031) The PTA was officially formed. Pn Loo Sat Lin retired in Ogos.
2) Mr Mohad Yunus Ismail carried out the duties of the Principal while awaiting for the new principal.
20041) Ms Gertrude Jock, reported for duty on 24 February 2004 as the 14th Principal and the second lady Principal.

Papar Education Department is officially placed under Beaufort Region and all schools, primary and secondary were to report to the “Pejabat Pelajaran Gabungan Beaufort.
2) SJS Athletics Team won the District Level Sports Competition.
3) SJS Drama Team won the District Level Drama Competition.
4) SJS Choir Team won the District an Beaufort Regional Level Choir Competition. The Choir Team came in 4th at the State Level Choir Competition.
5) SJS Archery Team was formed and won several medals at State and National Level Archery Competition.

20051) SJS Athletics Team became the 1st Runners-up at the Beaufort MSSG Sports Competition.
2) SJS Drama Team became Champions in the Beaufort Drama Competition and participated at the State Level Competition held in Tawau.
3) SJS Choir Team became Champions of the Beaufort Regional Level Choir Competition and came in as 2nd Runners-up in the State Level Competition.
4) Four members of the SJS Archery Team represented the State at the “Kejohanan Serkit Remaja Kebangsaan’ at Bukit Jalil in March and on 17 – 18 Julai, Mohd Aizul Izam Masnan represented the Under 15th Category; Cornelius Ignatius Ho won 3 bronze medals and took 3rd placing and Nazri Entang won 1 silver, 1 bronze and took 4th placing for the Under 18th Category at the MSS Sabah 2005.
5) SJS Brass Band performed at the District, Regional Schools Sports Meet; the PSKPPS state meet in August; the District Level Merdeka Celebration and the SJS Merdeka celebration in September.
6) SJS celebrated the Speech Day with the presence of all students in the school grounds.
20061) Launching of the “We are Josephians, Stars of Tomorrow!” Programme.[2]

2) Launching of the new school flag.
3) SM St Joseph emerged State Champion for the Choir Competition and represented Sabah to the national level competition.
4) SJS Drama Team came in as 1st Runners-up in the Beaufort Level Competition.
5) SJS took part in the KDCA-International Students Cultural Exchange Programme (ISCEP) to Korea. Ms Gertrude, Pn Juliana Bakar, Ellan Benjamin Paumin and Joan Elysha were part of a 30-member team.

20071) SJS Athletics Team became 1st Runners-up in the Papar District sports competition.

Launching of the Coogan Archive.
2) SJS received a visit from St Leonard’s College Australia and taught Bahasa Malaysia to the college students.
3) SJS teachers were given the honour to be the Choir team and sang at the State Teachers’ Day Celebration.
4) SJS took charge of the State Teachers’ Day dinner entertainment programme.
5) The SJS music class took part in ‘Kompang’ Formation competition and came in 2nd Runners-up in the Papar District Competition.
6) SJS took part in the KDCA-ISCEP Cultural Concert and Cultural Camp in May and June.
7) SJS Marching Band took part in the 50th National Merdeka parade in Kota Kinabalu.
8) SJS emerged 2nd Runners-up in the State Choir Competition.
9) SJS emerged 1st Runners-up in the State Choir Competition.
10) SJS sent representatives to the 100th Scouts Celebration in Kundasang.
11) SJS took part in the KDCA-ISCEP Cultural trip to South Korea in October. Mr Ampuan Suhaini Ampuan Kassim, Frederick and Cassydra represented SJS.
12) SJS represented Sabah in the Panasonic Kid Witness News programme Finals: 5-minute video production.

20081) Form 1 Gemilang starts in the morning session with the bright students of SJS.
2) SJS’ 55th Emerald Anniversary Celebration is marked by a Concert Dinner on 6 June 2008 together with the 35th Silver Anniversary for the SJS Alumni and with the support of the SJS PTA.


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