SMK Subang Utama

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Subang Utama (or SMKSU) is a secondary school situated in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. It was formerly known as Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Subang Jaya 2.

SMK Subang Utama
Jalan SS 18/1A


Coordinates3°04'07.3"N 101°34'54.1"E
TypeNational Secondary School
MottoMotto : Berjaya dan Bersepadu
"Success and Integrity"
School districtPetaling Perdana
PrincipalMadam Yasmin
GradesForm 1 - Form 5
BEA CodeBEA8614
WebsiteSMK Subang Utama official website (inactive and outdated)

The school began classes in 4 December 1989. It is the second oldest national secondary school in the district of Subang Jaya after SMK Subang Jaya.


The construction of the SMK Subang Utama commenced in 1987 and was completed in October 1989. One of the oldest institutions of secondary learning in Subang Jaya, SMK Subang Utama was built to accommodate the swelling population in the area. The school welcomed its first class of students on 4 December 1989. Nests along the main highway into metropolitan Subang Jaya, the school attracts many students residing within the area, especially from the precincts of SS18 and SS19. The campus spreads across an area of about 13 acres (0.053 km2). The school was then equipped with a cafeteria, an assembly area, a multi-purpose field, and four blocks of classrooms, namely Anggerik (A), Bakawali (B), Cempaka (C), and Dahlia (D). The founding class of SMK Subang Utama shared the newly-built campus with students of SRK SS19 (SS19 Primary School) as the latter waited for the construction of their school to be completed. The primary-school students temporarily occupied Block A and B, while the secondary students Block C and D.

A single-story block consisting of four workshops (Bengkel Kemahiran Hidup) was built in 1993 for the Kemahiran Hidup subject (Electrical and Electronic, Pipe and Plumbing, Mechanical, and Technical Drawing). In the same year, five science labs were operational. The science labs include two for the lower secondary cohort, one physics lab, one biology lab and one chemistry lab. Due to shortage of classrooms and an increasing student enrollment throughout the years, these science labs became temporary classrooms for Secondary Four students (Floating Classes). On 30 July 1994, the school was officiated by the then State Secretary of Selangor, Dato’ Haji Yaacob bin A. Hamid. In 1998, construction began for the school's first Surau. The old makeshift Surau was closed and the Surau was opened to all Muslims, including the public. In 2000, a temporary single-story block was built to accommodate an even larger student population. This block, named Flora (F), houses four additional classrooms. In 2003, a two-story computer lab was built on what was formerly the site of a volleyball court between Block B and Block D. In the following year, a new volleyball court, along with a basketball court were built next to Block A.

In December 2004, the construction of a multi-purpose hall was started. For the next five years, the hall—named Dewan Sumbangsih—would be left incomplete, with only a rooftop and structural frames but no walls. Over the years students and alumni alike raised complaints that the hall was not functional during times of extreme weather. For example, students would get wet when it rained outside. The school administrators, with the help of the Parent-Teacher Association, actively fund-raised toward the completion of the hall. The hall was finally completed in 2009 and renamed Dewan Perdana PIBG in honor of the school's Parent-Teacher Association.

Further, in December 2008, new construction of a brand new three-story block was completed in 2009 and named Exora (E). Block Exora opened its doors to students in the following academic year. This block houses new classrooms, a library, state-of-the-art science labs, and workshops. At about the same time, the surau was renovated and expanded to accommodate the increasing number of worshipers in the area.

School Vision

Insan Seimbang
Kita Cemerlang
SMKSU Gemilang

School Mission

Kecemerlangan pelajar dan kegemilangan SMKSU
dicapai dalam suasana kondusif
melalui pengajaran-pembelajaran yang berkesan
serta aktiviti-aktiviti kokurikulum
dan pembinaan insan yang terancang
berlandaskan Falsafah Pendidikan Kebangsaan

School Anthem

The school anthem was written by Madam Hajah Kamsiah binti Saabin and arranged by Mr. Mohd. Azzan bin Mohd. Fadzil.

Subang Utama

Malay lyricsEnglish translation
Sekolahku Subang Utama My school is Subang Utama
Mencari ilmu hingga berjaya Toward success we seek knowledge
Demi masa depan yang tercinta For our cherished future
Untuk nusa dan bangsa For mankind and society
Berjaya dan bersepadu Success and integrity
Cogan kata sekolahku My school motto
Menuntut ilmu, berdisiplin diri Attaining knowledge, self discipline
Melahirkan insan yang berbudi Producing noble characters
Miliki guru berdedikasi Endowed with dedicated teachers
Pada guru kami berjanji To our teachers we promise
Melangkah dan berjuang bersama To stride forward and strive together
Mengharumkan Subang Utama In honour of Subang Utama


#Name of PrincipalTook officeLeft office
01Mr. Chee Hock Choong1 November 198923 June 1991
02Madam Kamsiah Saabin24 June 199115 October 1992
03Madam Kapsah Jaafar16 October 19923 December 1999
04Miss Kamariah Sidek16 December 199931 December 2002
05Madam Nor Hayati1 January 200231 July 2002
06Madam Fatimah Uni1 August 200219 September 2006
07Mr. Mothar bin Jaafar1 March 200725 February 2011
08Madam Rahanim binti Abdul Rahim11 May 201115 November 2013
09Madam Zanariah binti Abu Bakar2 January 201425 August 2017
10Madam Yasmin binti Kamarudin25 September 2017Present

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent-Teacher Association of SMK Subang Utama has contributed vastly to the school, financially and in terms of support.

In 2009, the school hall which was once known as Dewan Sumbangsih has been renamed Dewan Perdana PIBG after the Parent-Teacher Association for their great efforts in upgrading the school facilities, particularly the school hall.

List of PTA Presidents

#Name of PresidentYear service beganYear service end
01Mr. Wan Abdul Wahab bin Abdullah19931993
02Mr. Mohammad Said bin Harun19941998
03Mr. Haji Mohammad bin Afandi Ismail19992000
04Datuk Abdul Razak bin Dawood Sultan20012004
05Tn. Ir. Haji Yusof bin Mohd. Sani20052007
06Mr. Rudy Yong Yeak Yau20082010
07Mr. Andy Oon Soo Peng20112012
08Mr. Hamdan bin Mohd. Nor20132013
09Mr. Mohd. Fadzli bin Yusof20142014
10Mr. Mohd. Solihan bin Badri20152016
11Mr. Tan Ban Chin20172017
12Mr. Patrick Lai Khin Yoon20182018
13Mr. Erwan Os'hara bin Omar2019Present

Sport Houses

The student body is currently sorted into four sport houses. The sport houses are named after American space shuttle missions: Atlantis, Challenger, Columbia, and Discovery. Students represent their sport houses in the school's annual Sports Day competitions. Prior to the 2013 academic year, there were five sport houses in place of the present four. Named after the legendary Malacca warriors, the five houses were formerly known as Hang Tuah, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekir, Hang Jebat, and Hang Lekiu. The team colour orange has since been retired. This downsize was made to reflect the school's smaller student population.

House colour1990 - 20122013–present
Hang TuahColumbia
Hang LekiuChallenger
Hang KasturiDiscovery
Hang JebatAtlantis
Hang Lekir

The Board of Prefects

Prefectship is the highest position of trust granted upon a student by the school. Students who intend to run for the prefectship are required to undertake a mandatory four month probationary period during which their personality, character and leadership qualities are appraised. This board supplements the tasks of the Spchool Administration under the leadership of the Head Prefect. Among the duties entrusted on a prefect are overseeing the smooth running of the weekly School Assembly, catching those who break the school rules, conducting spot-checks.

The Head Prefect is the highest position bestowed upon a student. His/her election usually goes through an official meeting between the Principal, the Prefect's teacher adviser, the outgoing Head Prefect and his executive committee. The newly elected Head Prefect generally assumes office in August.

List of Head Prefects

#Name of Head PrefectYear
02Wong Kok Loon1993/1994
03Su-Anne Toh Ee Shiow1994/1995
04Hannah Yeoh1995/1996
05Lau Nam Kee1996/1997
06Toh Mei Vern1997/1998
07Ignatius Edmond Anthony1998/1999
08Mohd Taufiq1999/2000
09Goh Chee Seng2000/2001
10Mohamad Hashim2001/2002
11Karanbir Singh Hundal2002/2003
12Ooi Yinn Cher2003/2004
13Adelle Pushparatnam2004/2005
14Lawrence Wong2005/2006
15Winter Tan Ian Lee2006/2007
16Kwok Si Onn2007/2008
17Joanna Foo Sze-Lin2008/2009
18Siew Tzer Wern2009/2010
19Amanda Yeo2010/2011
21Nicole Choong Yie Hern2011/2012
22Nur Izzat Aiman2012/2013
23Ruben Alvin Joseph2013/2014
24Shaheera Aleya2014/2015
25Tricia Lai Xiao Lian2015/2016
26Farhan Danial2016/2017
27Amelia Lai May Ern2017/2018
28Lau Yuen Shuen2018/2019
29Nur syefa2019/2020
30Wong Sue Lin2020/2021
31Jesslyn Joann2021/2022
32Shreiyaa Anieksha Praksah2022/2021


In 1997, SMK Subang Utama was awarded the title Sekolah Harapan Negara Peringkat Selangor.

In 1998, SMK Subang Utama won second runner up in the Sekolah Harapan Negara Peringkat Kebangsaan contest.

In 1998, SMK Subang Utama was placed third in the Sekolah Sejahtera competition. The school won a computer unit.

In 1999, SMK Subang Utama was the winner of the Program Bersepadu Sekolah Sihat competition.

On 24 November 2000, SMK Subang Utama was acknowledged as "Cemerlang Akademik Kategori Sekolah Menengah" by the Ministry of Education (Malaysia) for the school's strong academic record in the Penilaian Menengah Rendah and Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination.

In 2006, SMK Subang Utama was conferred the title Cemerlang (Translation: Excellent) by the Ministry of Education and was nominated as one of the cluster schools in Malaysia. Cluster schools are public schools that are given autonomy in administration and adequate funding from the government to excel in specialized fields (academic, sports and extra-curricular activities) of choice.

In August of 2019, SMK Subang Utama was the winner of the Choral Speaking competition hosted by Bank Rakyat. The team brought home a grand prize in the form of a round-robin trophy and an i-Bank Rakyat savings account voucher worth RM4,000.[1] The team also won the Best Script category award.[2]

Notable alumni

  • Hannah Yeoh, incumbent Member of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly for Subang Jaya (Class of 1996)
  • Joe Flizzow, Malaysian hip hop singer (Class of 1996)
  • Levy Li, Miss Malaysia Universe 2008 (Class of 2004)
  • Sharifah Sofia, Malaysian Actress


In June 2008, SMKSU came under the spotlight when the school board member decide to take action if the organisers of the school's annual ex-prefects reunion invite the Pakatan Rakyat Assemblyman for Subang Jaya, Hannah Yeoh. Yeoh was a former head-prefect of the school.[3]


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