SMK Majakir Papar

SMK Majakir Papar also known as Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Majakir Papar (SMKMP) in Malay, is a Malaysian secondary school in East Malaysia established since 1962.

SMK Majakir Papar
PO. BOX 110, 89608

TypeSecondary School
MottoKebijaksanaan Nilai Kemanusiaan
School districtPapar
SessionOne session
PrincipalSir. Hj. Abdul Aziz Mohamed Zain
GradesForm 1 - Form 6
Medium of languageMalay language, English, Arabic
AreaPapar, Malaysia
InformationTel : 088-913554
Fax : 088-915494

The entrance of the school


In 1962, the school was established with as Government Junior Secondary School (GJSS) and had only 45 students who studied in Bridge 1 and two teachers.[1] At that time GJSS borrow Sains Rumah Tangga Sekolah Rendah Kerajaan Pekan Papar room and school principals at that time was Mr. John Ganai.

By the year 1963, the school had to borrow Cheng Hwa School classroom and study time only in the afternoon only. There was only Bridge 1 and 2 only with the five teachers under the administration of Mrs. Ausan, followed by Lim Hsing Hui as a principal after that. Then borrow the school classroom in St. Joseph was to accommodate pupils from Bridge 1, 2 and Secondary I and II.

In 1966, the school building was completed and officially opened by Tun Mustapha. There are only four building blocks and a hall. But the school still borrow classrooms Cheng Hwa School and St. Joseph school. In this year the school was the first time following the Sabah Junior Certificate Examination. Decision is quite encouraging.

Dated 1 August 1975, the school name was changed to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Majakir Papar based on the name of District Chief in that time OKK Mohd Zakir B. Awang.

List of Principals

Period of Service Name of Principals
1963 – 1964 Mr. John Ganai
1965 – 1968 Mr. Lim Hsing Hui
1969 – 1972 Mr. P.M. John
1973 – 1978 Mr. Albert S.K. Chia
1979 Mr. Richard F. Tunggolou
1980 – 1988 Mr. Zakaria Jap
1989 – August 1995 Datuk Normah Gagoh
September 1995 – February 2000 Mr. Hj. Ag. Matussin B. Hj. Pg Ahmad
June 2000 – October 2001 Mdm. Sherfah Fatimah Hayati Ismail
January 2002 – February 2002 Mdm. Salmah Abdullah
March 2002 – February 2006 Mdm. Jarah Abdullah Gad
April 2006 – December 2009 Mr. Loh Kok Cheang
December 2009 – present Mr. Hj. Abdul Aziz Mohamed Zain

School Song

Di bawah lambang yang satu,
Belajar hidup untuk berjasa,
Ilmu pengetahuan ditambah,
Kebijaksanaan nilai kita.

Usaha jamin kejayaan,
Teguh sabar di semua bidang,
Imej sekolah tetap dijaga,
Sekolah Majakir maju jaya.

Marilah kita bersama-sama berjuang,
Membina masa depan yang gemilang,
Taat setia dan kejujuran,
Demi perpaduan bangsa.[2]

English translation

Under the sign of one,
Learn to live for meritorious,
Increased knowledge,
The wisdom of our values.

Efforts guarantee success,
Robust forward in all areas,
Maintained a secular image,
Majakir school wishes.

Let us jointly fight,
Building a brighter future,
Loyalty and honesty,
By the unity of the nation.[2](in Malay)

School Magazines

The last school magazines were created is Penghubung, created in 2009.


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