SMK Hillcrest

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Hillcrest is a public school situated in Taman Sri Gombak and is regarded as one of the schools in the state of Selangor in Malaysia. The school is widely known as ""Hillcrest"" among students of the school itself and the community.

SMK Hillcrest
English: Hillcrest National Middle School
TypePublic School, Secondary School
MottoIlmu Panduan Hidup
(English: Knowledge; Guidance in life)
Established1 December 1992 (1992-12-01)
FounderTan Sri Zaleha Ismail
PrincipalTn Abdul Samat
GradesFirst form to fifth form
Student Union/AssociationHead Prefect : Ahmad Harris Haikal

Vice Head Prefect I : Puteri Hanis

Vice Head Prefect II : Amer Luqman Hisham
Colour(s)Red, Yellow, Blue
RivalSMK Taman Melawati
YearbookMajalah Bestari
AffiliationsMinistry Of Education Malaysia
WebsiteMinistry of Education: SMK Hillcrest


The school construction was started in 1989 and the first block was completed in 1991, hence opening on 1 December 1990. The school area was originally an estate of 8.2 hectares. The school was named Hillcrest, by the Gombak Prefecture Education Office, after the developing company that have developed the neighborhood that the school is intended to serve, the Taman Seri Gombak neighborhood.

Encik Irwan Tan Abdullah, who was the then-senior assistant, was elected as the first acting-principal on 1 December 1992. The first principal is Puan Sukma Murni Bt Abdul Samad. During that time, only the Munsyi building is in operation and the other building, the Sri Lanang building was still under construction. Kajai building was officially completed in 1996. With the operation of the new building, the school now have a Kemahiran Hidup Lab (Life Skills Labs), three science labs and another two new classrooms in operation.

On 1 July 1997, Puan Rohani Bt Bakar became the principal succeeding the first principal, Puan Sukma Murni. She served the school for six months before she is transferred to SMK Melawati. She was then succeeded by Puan Hodaima Bt Haji Halil. She served seven years before her retirement in 2005. Pn Kamalyah Bt Teh Mohamed followed. Pn Nik Maryam bt Idris whom joined the school in 2007 succeeded Pn Kamalyah. Later in 2011, Pn Sharifah Bt Mamat succeeded Pn Nik Maryam. She is currently the incumbent principal. Starting from the year of 2009, the school is accepting Form 6 students for both Science and Arts Stream. Both the Zaaba and Sri Lanang blocks are occupied by Form 6 students. There are currently 130 Arts stream students and 160 Science stream students for Form 6.

Parent-Teacher Association

The first PIBG meeting was launched by then-Yang Berhormat Datin Paduka Zaleha Bt Ismail on 17 January 1993.


The incumbent key-people Tuan Abdul Samad bin Ismail, Headmaster

  • Puan Norzaini bt Pusof, Senior Assistant.
  • Puan Jamaliah bt Ghaali, Student Affairs
  • Puan Hasniah bt Khur, Co-Curricular.
  • Encik Zainal bt Ismail, Afternoon Session.

Former Principals

The school has been headed by female principal since its establishment.

Photograph Principal Took Office Left Office Comments
Pn Sukma Murni Bt Abdul Samad19931997The first principal.
Pn Rohani Bt Bakar19971998
Pn Hodaima Bt Haji Halil19982005The school's longest serving principal.
Pn Kamalyah Bt Teh Mohamed20052007
Pn Nik Maryam Bt Idris20072011Former headmistress of the rival, SMK Taman Melawati.


Annual Sports Day

The school's first sports day was held on 12 February 1993 and was launched by Yang Berhormat Encik Ahmad Bahari Abdul Rahman, the then-parliamentary member of Gombak SETIA. The school's first sport flag was also launched by him. There are four sports house which are:

  • Munsyi House -Yellow
  • Kajai House -Green
  • Sri Lanang House -Red
  • Keris Mas House - Purple
  • Zaa'ba House - Blue


  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Football
  • Table Tennis
  • Softball
  • Hockey
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Archery
  • Track & Field

Uniformed Bodies


  • Chinese Society of SMK Hillcrest
  • Crime Prevention Society
  • English Language Society
  • Economic Society
  • History Society
  • Islamic Studies Society
  • Mathematics Society
  • Malay Language Society
  • Moral Studies Society
  • Multimedia Club
  • Science Society

Hillcrest Middle School.

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