SC Veendam

SC Veendam (Dutch pronunciation: [ɛs seː veːnˈdɑm]) was a Dutch football club based in Veendam, Groningen province, established in 1894 and dissolved in 2013. The club's official colours were black and yellow.

SC Veendam
Full nameSportClub Veendam
Black Yellow Angels
Founded4 September 1894
Dissolved25 March 2013[1]
GroundDe Langeleegte


The club was founded on 4 September 1894, which makes it one of the oldest professional Dutch football clubs. The club's first name was Look-Out, which was changed to Prinses Juliana Veendam (Princess Juliana Veendam) in 1909, which soon became simply Veendam. Veendam became professional in 1954, when the Dutch professional league was introduced. The professional branch of the club left the club in 1974, to form Sportclub Veendam. The amateur branch became Veendam 1894. Sportclub Veendam would later become Betaalde Voetbal Veendam, more commonly known as BV Veendam.

The club has spent the largest part of its professional existence (42 seasons) in the Dutch Eerste Divisie. The club has spent six seasons in the Second Division, and has played in the Eredivisie for two seasons: 1986–87 (17th) and 1988–89 (18th).

During the 2009–10 season, a number of financial issues emerged at Veendam, and on 28 April 2010 (only days after the end of the 2009–10 Eerste Divisie) the club was requested to be declared bankrupt due to excessive debts.[2] On 12 May 2010, BV Veendam was ultimately declared bankrupt, an event that threatened to put an end to the club's 115-year history.[3] However, the verdict was later overturned on appeal, after the club managed to collect enough money to pay off most of its debts before the deadline of 2 June.[4][5] In 2011, the club changed its name from BV Veendam to SC Veendam.[6] Veendam's main rival was FC Emmen from Emmen. Renewed funding problems made the club file for bankruptcy, which was declared on 25 March 2013.[1]



Season League Rank Games Points GF GA Manager Topscorer Goals
1990–91Eerste divisie1838254778 Thiemo Meertens Lee Payne
1991–92Eerste divisie1238404849 Theo Verlangen Willem Brouwer
1992–93Eerste divisie1634223260 Theo Verlangen Willem Brouwer
1993–94Eerste divisie1734233957 Henk Nienhuis Willem Brouwer
1994–95Eerste divisie834385441 Jan Schulting Joseph Oosting
Bert Zuurman
1995–96Eerste divisie434584835 Jan Schulting Lesmond Prinsen6
1996–97Eerste divisie1034494435 Jan Schulting Henny Meijer14
1997–98Eerste divisie1234455155 Henk Bodewes Bert Zuurman16
1998–99Eerste divisie1334394754 Henk Bodewes Marnix Kolder
Bob Mulder
1999-00Eerste divisie1234415061 Azing Griever Marnix Kolder8
2000–01Eerste divisie1434395469 Martin Koopman Ivan Tsvetkov18
2001–02Eerste divisie1134456062 Martin Koopman Ivan Tsvetkov22
2002–03Eerste divisie1734323766 Jan Korte Rick Slor4
2003–04Eerste divisie1436344471 Jan Korte Ronald Hamming21
2004–05Eerste divisie1136454756 Jan Korte Ronald Hamming16
2005–06Eerste divisie1438515460 Joop Gall Ronald Hamming14
2006–07Eerste divisie838555750 Joop Gall Marnix Kolder15
2007–08Eerste divisie153844[7]5767 Joop Gall Mark Veldmate11
2008–09Eerste divisie193836[8]4667 Joop Gall Michiel Hemmen7
2009–10Eerste divisie936525748 Joop Gall Michael de Leeuw25
2010–11Eerste divisie434535444 Gert Heerkes Michael de Leeuw13
2011–12Eerste divisie1634224267 Gert Heerkes Anco Jansen10

Below is a table with Veendam's domestic results since the introduction of professional football in 1956.

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