S-300VM missile system

The S-300VM "Antey-2500" (NATO reporting name SA-23 Gladiator\Giant) is a Russian anti-ballistic missile system. The system is designed to defeat short- and medium-range ballistic missile, aeroballistic, and cruise missiles, fixed-wing aircraft, as well as loitering ECM platforms and precision-guided munitions.

S-300VM Antey 2500
NATO reporting name: SA-23 Gladiator\Giant
Antey-2500 SAM at MAKS-2011
TypeMobile surface-to-air missile/anti-ballistic missile system
Place of originRussia
Service history
In service2013-present
Used bySee Operators
Production history
Unit costUS$120 million (1999)[1]
VariantsSee Variants

200 (250) km[2] against MRBMs
9M82M missile
TypeSurface-to-air missile
Place of originRussia
Service history
In service2013-present
Used bySee Operators
Production history
Variants9M82M, 9M83M
Specifications (9M82M[3])

200 kilometres (120 mi)
Flight altitude30,000 metres (98,000 ft)



The Antey-2500 air defense missile system features:

  • High degree of battle performance automation owing to high-speed digital computers
  • Passive electronically scanned array radars with advanced data processing methods
  • High ECM immunity
  • High mobility and autonomous operation
  • High firepower potential, irrespective of air attack tactics or sequence
  • Vertical launch from a special transport launch canister
  • Maintenance-free operation of missiles for at least ten years
  • Capability to defeat ballistic missile individual warheads
  • Inertial guidance with radio command mid-course update and semi-active radar homing at the terminal phase
  • Focused detonation of the missile warhead

The Antey-2500 system comprises:

  • Command post
  • Circular and sector scan radars
  • Multichannel missile guidance station (MMGS) have 24 channels for illumination of 24 targets
  • 9A82M launcher (typical amount 8) includes radar of illumination and targeting as well as *brains* of the radar[4]
  • 9A83M launcher (typical amount 12) includes radar of illumination and targeting as well as *brains* of the radar[4]
  • 9A84M and 9A85M loader-launcher (technically no more than 24)
  • 9M82M and 9M83M air defense missiles
  • Maintenance, repair, and transport vehicles
  • Group SPTA set
  • Electronic trainer for MMGS operators
  • Set of missile handling equipment

Technical ability to use 1-2 additional battalions.

One system configuration - external command post, CP of the S-300V and every radars of S-300V and the outside radars, other external elements. This is the central core, for it served a few battalions of S-300V system. All battalions at full strength of S-300V system (CP of the S-300V and every radars of the S-300V, and a few launchers with radars, and a few launchers without radars).[5]


The 9M82M missile is intended to defeat tactical, theater and medium range ballistic missiles, as well as aerodynamic targets at a range of up to 200 km. The Antey-2500 system is mounted on a tracked cross-country vehicle equipped with self-contained power supply and navigation systems, as well as surveying and positioning equipment.

S-300 system family tree

S-300 Family
Antey 2500
Russian Version
Export Version

Operational history

In early October 2016, a battery of Russian S-300V4 missile system was deployed to Syria,[6] at the Russian naval base in Tartus.[7]


  • S-300V: entered service in 1983; 100 km range
  • S-300VM: 250 km range[8]
  • S-300VMD: 350 km range
  • S-300V4: in service since 2014; 400[9][10] km range


Current operators

  •  Russia : ordered more than three S-300V4 divisions by 2015[11]
    • 77th Airdefence Brigade (Korenovsk) and 988th Airdefence Regiment (Gyumri) in the Southern Military District[12][13]
    • 202nd Airdefence Brigade (Naro Fominsk) and 1545th Airdefence Regiment (Znamensk) in the Western Military District
    • 1724th Airdefence Regiment (Birobidzhan & Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) and air defense unit stationed in the Jewish Autonomous Region in the Eastern Military District[14]
    • 28th Airdefence Brigade (Mirnij / Kirovsk Region) in the Central Military District
    • Modernization of all S-300V to the version S-300V4 was to end in 2012.[15]
  •  Egypt : The S-300VM "Antey-2500" missile system was ordered in 2014, as part of a multi-billion Egyptian-Russian arms deal signed later that year.[16][17] The $1 billion contract comprises 4 batteries, a command post and other external elements.[18][19] In 2015, Russia started delivering the system components, Egyptian soldiers began their training in Russian training centers.[20] By the end of 2017, all batteries were delivered to Egypt.[21] Russia is in talks with Egypt on the delivery of additional Antey-2500 systems.[22]
  •  Venezuela: 2 S-300VM in 1 air defense battalion at Base Aérea Militar Capitán Manuel Ríos[23]

Potential operators

  •  Algeria: In November 2015 Algeria was negotiating the purchase of several battalions of this system.[24]

Failed bids

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