Sé Quién Eres Tú

Sé Quién Eres Tú (English: I Know Who You Are) featuring Su Presencia is the second album in Spanish by Australian contemporary worship band Planetshakers.[1][2] The album was released on 11 November 2016 by Integrity Music.[3] They worked with Joth Hunt in the production of this album.[4]

Sé Quién Eres Tú
Studio album by
Released11 November 2016 (2016-11-11)
GenreWorship, Latin
ProducerJoth Hunt
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Sé Quién Eres Tú


Planetshakers through their social networks announced their album in Spanish on 11 November 2016.[5][6] "We are excited to share 'Sé Quién Eres Tú' with our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters around the world!" said Russell Evans, founder and senior pastor of Planetshakers. "And we have the honor of working with His Presence to achieve it! Our prayer is that these songs touch hearts for Jesus, encouraging, strengthening, empowering and equipping christians."[7][8] Unlike his first Spanish album "Nada Es Imposible", the album Sé Quién Eres Tú is performed by the singers of the Colombian group "Su Presencia" and Pastor Danilo Montero, who participated in the single, "#LetsGo".[9] As producer of the album, Joth Hunt had the mission of giving a particular sound to each song. That's why he put in "Come Right Now" an "iconic" sound, as he calls it, to catch people from the beginning. This was achieved with a riser, a sound effect made with a synthesizer, which lets you know what song it is as soon as it sounds.[10] One day BJ Pridham, a Planetshakers vocalist, showed Joth Hunt, also the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band, a track that was playing on the radio. Both were struck by funky bass riffs (a musical phrase that is often repeated) and some dance elements. "It would be great to write a song of praise like this," they said.[11] "We use the sound and go directly to the verse, which focuses on the slap bass" (technique in which the bass strings are struck against the fretboard), explains Joth Hunt, who highlights the work of Josh Ham, bassist of the band, in this single.[12] Henry González, vocalist of the ministry of praise "Su Presencia", interprets Ven Aquí, the version of "Come Right Now" in Spanish, which was translated by the members of the Bogota group.[13]

Awards and accolades

This album was nominated in the 2017 for the Dove Award in the category: "Spanish Language Album of the Year" for Sé quién eres tú (featuring Su Presencia).[14]

Planetshakers (featuring Su Presencia) have been nominated by the Premios Arpa in 2016 in the category: "Best song in participation" "Sé quién eres tú".[15]

Track listing

Sé Quién Eres Tú[16]
1."Ven Aquí (Come Right Now)" (featuring Su Presencia)Joth Hunt, Brian "BJ" Pridham3:23
2."#LETSGO" (featuring Su Presencia)Sam Evans, Joth Hunt4:01
3."Se Trata De Ti (All About You)" (featuring Su Presencia)Joth Hunt3:25
4."Sé Quién Eres Tú (I Know Who You Are)" (featuring Su Presencia)Mitch Wong3:49
5."Con Solo Un Toque (Just One Touch)" (featuring Su Presencia)Joth Hunt, Brian "Bj" Pridham6:18
6."Te Quiero A Ti (I Just Want You)" (featuring Su Presencia)Joth Hunt4:43
7."Momentum (Live)" (featuring Su Presencia)Sam Evans, Joth Hunt3:44
8."Nuevo Tiempo (New Era)" (featuring Su Presencia)Josh Ham, Andy Harrison, Joth Hunt, Brian "BJ" Pridham3:49
9."Frente A Frente (Face To Face)" (featuring Su Presencia)Steph Ling, Mitch Wong5:42
10."Hogar (Home)" (featuring Su Presencia)Israel Houghton, Brian "Bj" Pridham5:05
11."Glorioso Encuentro (Glorious Collision)" (featuring Su Presencia)Joth Hunt3:55
Total length:47:54


Adapted from AllMusic.[17]

  • Juan David Muñoz – vocals, vocal producer
  • Tuti Vega – vocals
  • Danilo Montero – vocals
  • Christy Corson – vocals
  • Henry Gonzalez – vocals
  • Diana Julio – vocals
  • Germán Mariño – vocals
  • Daniela Reyes – vocals
  • Germán Malagón – vocals
  • Juliana Serra – vocals
  • Cindy Villabón – vocals
  • Nora Zamora – vocals
  • Joth Hunt – songwriter, percussion, producer
  • Sam Evans – songwriter
  • Brian "Bj" Pridham – songwriter
  • Andy Harrison – songwriter
  • Israel Houghton – songwriter
  • Mitch Wong – songwriter
  • Steph Ling – songwriter
  • Josh Ham – songwriter
  • Joshua Brown – A&R, Artist, vocal producer
  • Adrian Thompson – A&R
  • Andrés Corson – liner notes
  • Samuel Rodriguez – liner notes
  • Timothy Chew – design, illustrations
  • Su Presencia – translation
  • Russell Evans – executive producer
  • C. Ryan Dunham – executive producer, liner notes


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