Russo-Chinese Bank

The Russo-Chinese Bank (Traditional Chinese: 華俄銀行) was a foreign bank representing Russian interest in China during the period between Qing Dynasty and Republic of China.


  • December 5, 1895: The bank was created in the Russian Embassy in Paris,[1] from Russian and French capital.[2] It lent money to China and issued Chinese government bond to finance China for its indemnity to Japan after First Sino-Japanese War.[1]
  • February, 1896: It opened a Shanghai branch.[3]
  • August 28, 1896: China joined the bank as a partner for the construction of China Eastern Railway. The bank was renamed to Sino-Russian Righteousness Victory Bank (Traditional Chinese: 華俄道勝銀行).[4][3]
  • 1902: The bank became the second largest bank in China.[3]
  • 1904-1906: A branch bank was established February 1904 in San Francisco, the only one in the United States, which was destroyed by the April 1906 earthquake.[5]
  • 1910: It merged with Banque du Nord to form Russo-Asiatic Bank (Traditional Chinese: 俄亞銀行).[3][6]
  • 1918: the new Soviet government nationalized all Russian banks, including the Russo-Asiatic Bank. A separate Russo-Asiatic Bank set up its new headquarters in Paris same year.[7]
  • September 26, 1926: The bank was closed down after losing 5 million pounds in foreign currency speculation in Paris financial market.[3]

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