Russian Handball Super League

The Russian Handball Super League is the top men's team handball league in Russia.

Russian Handball Super League
Current season, competition or edition:
2016–17 season
CountriesHUR (Russia)
ConfederationEHF (Europe)
Number of teams12
Level on pyramidLevel 1
International cup(s)Champions League
Current championsChekhovskiye Medvedi (2016–17)
Most championshipsChekhovskiye Medvedi (16 Titles)

Champions by year

1993Neva St. Petersburg
1994CSKA Moscow
1995CSKA Moscow
1996Kaustik Volgograd
1997Kaustik Volgograd
1998Kaustik Volgograd
1999Kaustik Volgograd
2000CSKA Moscow
2001CSKA Moscow
2002Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2003Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2004Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2005Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2006Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2007Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2008Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2009Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2010Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2011Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2012Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2013Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2014Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2015Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2016Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2017Chekhovskiye Medvedi
2018Chekhovskiye Medvedi


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