Russell Thornton

Russell Thornton (born 20 February 1942) is a Cherokee-American anthropologist and professor of anthropology at the University of California at Los Angeles, who is known for his studies of Population history of indigenous peoples of the Americas. [1] [2][3]

His publications include:

  • 1986 We Shall Live Again: The 1870 and 1890 Ghost Dance Movements as Demographic Revitalization (Cambridge University Press).
  • 1987 American Indian Holocaust and Survival (University of Oklahoma Press).
  • 1990 The Cherokees: A Population History (University of Nebraska Press).
  • 1998 Editor. Studying Native America: Problems and Prospects (University of Wisconsin Press).
  • 2007 Co-editor with Candace S. Greene. The Year the Stars Fell: Lakota Winter Counts at the Smithsonian (University of Nebraska Press and the Smithsonian Institution).


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