Russell Square, Perth

Russell Square in Perth, Western Australia is a large public space between Aberdeen Street and James Street in Northbridge. It was named after Lord John Russell.[1]

The eastern boundary is on Parker Street, which is the location of the Saints Constantine and Helene Greek Orthodox Cathedral,[2] and the Hellenic Community Centre.[3] Shenton Street is the western boundary of the square. Russell Square was created some time between 1838 and 1845; it appears on 1845 maps of Perth, but not on 1838 maps.[4][5][6]

It has also been known as Parco dei Sospire ("The Park of Sighs") as it was the favoured meeting place of the Italian community of "Little Italy".[7]

In the early 1990s it was reviewed in planning studies.[8] In October 1994 Russell Square was upgraded, and thirty sculptures were designed and created by local artists Greg James[9] and Drago Dadich.

It has been a venue for the Festival of Perth.[10]


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