Russel Brothers

Russel Brothers Limited was a steel boat builder, diesel engine manufacturer and steel fabricator. The company operated in Fort Frances, Ontario from 1907 to 1937 and then in Owen Sound, Ontario from 1937 to 1994.

Founded in Fort Frances, Ontario in 1907 by Colin and Jardine Russel,[1] it moved to Owen Sound in 1937 and remained there until 1974.[2]

After 1950 Russel Brothers became Russel-Hipwell Engines Limited (named of unit founded in 1943). In 1961 the name Russel Brothers Limited reemerged and lasted until 1994.

The company built 1200 boats in the lifetime as Russel Brothers and Russel-Hipwell.[3] The company built mostly tugs and logging boats, but made diesel switching locomotives as well. During World War II they made boats used in the D-Day landings.[4]

While the company ceased manufacturing boats in 1974, the company continued metal fabrication until 1994. The company went bankrupt and property sold for condos in 2006.[5]


Manufacturing Locations


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