Rupa-Rupa or High Jungle is one of the eight natural regions of Peru. It is located between 400 and 1,000 m above the sea level. This region has lots of narrow and long valleys and fluvial mountain trails (canyons called pongos). The weather is warm, humid, and rainy.

This region has a tropical flora.

The fauna includes the Brazilian Tapir (sachavaca, also called mountain cow), the White-lipped Peccary (huangana), and the Jaguar (otorongo).

Rupa Rupa is the hottest region in Peru.[1]


Andean Continental Divide

Chala, dry coastLowland tropical rainforest or Selva baja
Maritime YungasHighland tropical rainforest or Selva alta
Maritime YungasSubtropical cloud forest or Fluvial Yungas
Quechua - Montane valleysQuechua - Montane valleys
Tree lineTree line - about 3,500 m
Suni, scrubs and agricultureSuni, scrubs and agriculture

Mountain Top:

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