Rulers of India series

The Rulers of India was a biographical book series edited by William Wilson Hunter and published from the Clarendon Press, Oxford. Hunter himself contributed the volumes on Dalhousie (1890)[1] and Mayo (1891)[2] to the series.


William Hunter retired from his long career as a member of the Indian Civil Service in March 1887 and settled in Oxford, England. On 13 March 1889 Philip Lyttelton Gell, then Secretary to the Delegates of the Clarendon Press, wrote to Hunter about

a project which has been for some time under the consideration of the Delegates, to publish a series giving the salient features of Indian History in the Biographies of successive Generals and Administrators.[3]

Gell arranged the publication of the series by June 1889; with Hunter receiving £75 for each volume, and the author £25. Financial constraints forced the series to end at 28 volumes in spite of Hunter's disappointment about the same.[3]


VolumeYearAuthorTitleReferencesExternal scan
1-Vincent Arthur SmithAsoka-Wikisource transcription project
2-Stanley Lane-PooleBabur-Wikisource transcription project
3-H. Morse StephensAlbuquerque-Wikisource transcription project
4-George Bruce MallesonAkbar[1]Wikisource transcription project
5-Stanley Lane-PooleAurangzeb-Wikisource transcription project
6-George Bruce MallesonJoseph François Dupleix[1]Wikisource transcription project
7-George Bruce MallesonLord Clive[4]Wikisource transcription project
8-Lionel James TrotterWarren Hastings[2]Wikisource transcription project
9-Henry George KeeneMadhava Rao Sindhia-Wikisource transcription project
10-Walter Scott Seton-KarrThe Marquis of Cornwallis-Wikisource transcription project
11-Lewin Bentham BowringHyder Ali and Tipu Sultan-Wikisource transcription project
12-William Holden HuttonThe Marquess Wellesley[4][5]Wikisource transcription project
13-Major Ross of BladensburgThe Marquess of Hastings-Wikisource transcription project
14-James Sutherland CottonMountstuart Elphinstone[6]Wikisource transcription project
15-John Bradshaw [7]Sir Thomas Munro-Wikisource transcription project
16-Anne T. Ritchie and Richardson EvansThe Earl Amherst-Wikisource transcription project
17-Demetrius Charles BoulgerLord William Bentinck-Wikisource transcription project
18-Lionel James TrotterThe Earl of Auckland-Wikisource transcription project
19-Charles Stewart HardingeSir Henry Hardinge-Wikisource transcription project
20-Lepel GriffinRanjit Singh-Wikisource transcription project
21-William Wilson HunterThe Marquess of Dalhousie[1]Wikisource transcription project
22-Richard TempleJames Thomason-Wikisource transcription project
23-Auckland ColvinJohn Russell Colvin[8]Wikisource transcription project
24-James John McLeod InnesSir Henry Lawrence-Wikisource transcription project
25-Owen Tudor BurneClyde and Strathnairn[9]Wikisource transcription project
26-Henry Stewart CunninghamThe Earl Canning-Wikisource transcription project
27-Charles Umpherston AitchisonLord Lawrence-Wikisource transcription project
28-William Wilson HunterThe Earl of Mayo[2]Wikisource transcription project


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