Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt

Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt is a Danish singing duo made up of Jens Rugsted and Stig Kreutzfeldt, and were very active from 1979 to 1984 and had a series of very successful albums in a smooth West Coast rock style.[1] Their 1979 song "Jeg ved det godt" became a classic "evergreen" hit. Most of their big hits were written by Dan Turèll.

Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt
Years active1979-1984
MembersJens Rugsted
Stig Kreutzfeldt

The duo split in 1984, but continued to work with other artists like Sanne Salomonsen, Thomas Helmig, Allan Olsen and Kim Larsen.

The duo had a comeback from 2006 on with many releases and rereleases. In 2011, they released Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt 5. It hit #3 on the Danish Albums Chart in its first week of release.


  • 1979: Rugsted Kreutzfeldt 1
  • 1980: Rugsted Kreutzfeldt 2
  • 1982: Rugsted Kreutzfeldt 3
  • 1984: R'n'K Band - English Compilation
  • 1985: Jorden kalder
  • 1988: Rugsted Kreutzfeldt 1+2 (rerelease)
  • 1966: Scrapbog
  • 2005: Tilfældigvis forbi
  • 2007: Går gennem tiden 1977-2007 (compilation)
  • 2011: Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt 5


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