Ruger American Rifle

The Ruger American Rifle is a family of budget-level hunting/sporting bolt action centerfire rifle made by Sturm, Ruger & Co., who also produces a line of rimfire rifles with similar designs called the Ruger American Rimfire.

Ruger American Rifle
Ruger American Rifle
TypeBolt-action rifle
Place of originUnited States
Production history
ManufacturerSturm, Ruger & Co.
Unit cost$449 MSRP[1]
Produced2012 - Present
Mass6.25 lb (2.83 kg)[1]
Length42.5 in (108 cm)[1]
Barrel length22 in (56 cm)[1]

Cartridge.17 HMR (9 rd. cap.)
.22 Long Rifle (10 rd. cap.)
.22 WMR/.22 WMRF (9 rd. cap.)
.204 Ruger (Predator model only)
.223 Remington (5 rd. cap.)
5.56mm NATO (Ranch\Predator models only)
.22-250 Remington
.243 Winchester
.270 Winchester
7mm-08 Remington
.30-06 Springfield
.308 Winchester[1]
.300 Blackout (Ranch model only)
7.62 Soviet (Ranch model only)
6mm Creedmoor (Predator model only)
6.5mm Grendel (Predator model only)
6.5mm Creedmoor
.450 Bushmaster (Ranch model only)
7mm Remington Magnum
.300 Winchester Magnum
.338 Winchester Magnum
Feed systemRotary magazine
4 round capacity (unless otherwise
noted above)
SightsNone - Drilled and tapped for scope. (Weaver style bases supplied)
Redfield Revolution riflescope available for all centerfire models


The Ruger American has a receiver made from 4140 chrome-moly bar stock and a hammer-forged barrel with a blued black oxide finish, mounted onto a black polymer composite stock. Some models are also available in a stainless steel variant. Rather than using a traditional recoil lug, the rifle's barreled action is secured in the stock by a bedding system known as "Power Bedding®", which uses two V-shaped aluminium action blocks that wedge the receiver firmly in place to prevent lateral shifts and also serve as recoil lugs. Because the front and back action screws are fastened through the centers of the action blocks, the blocks also functionally act as pillar beddings and allows the barrel to be free-floated.

The rifle feeds cartridges into the chamber from a proprietary detachable rotary magazine via a push-feed mechanism employing dual cocking cams on the stainless steel bolt, which has three locking lugs allowing for a smaller 70° throw angle of the bolt handle. The trademarked "Ruger Marksman Adjustable™" trigger is a functionally two-stage trigger similar in design to the Savage AccuTrigger, which allows the user to adjust the weight of pull between 3–5 lb (1.4–2.3 kg) by means of a set screw on the trigger housing.[2] The rifle comes with a tang-mounted safety.[3]

Ruger American Rimfire

The rimfire line of the Ruger American series shares similar features and designs with its centerfire counterpart, including the Power Bedding (V-lugs only on the front block), the Marksman trigger and the tang safety, although it uses a unique stainless steel single-extractor rimfire bolt with a 70° degree bolt throw and having only eight parts (including the dowel pin and striker spring) for easier disassembly, and feeds exclusively from the famed BX series rotary magazines from the prolific Ruger 10/22 family of semi-automatic rifles.




  • Standard: 18" (threaded) or 22" alloy steel barrel with the Ruger 10/22-style Williams™ fiber optic open sight, with an overall length of 37 inches (940 mm) or 41 in (1,000 mm). Chambered for .17 HMR, .22 LR and .22 WMR. The buttstock piece can be removed and replaced between a straight flat comb (for use with iron sight) and a raised Monte Carlo-type comb (for use with optics).
  • Compact: Essentially identical to the 18" barrel Standard model but has a thinner butt end plate and thus a shorter length of pull (12.5" instead of 13.75"), with an overall length of 35.75 in (908 mm). The buttstock piece can be removed and swapped with a Standard model piece, which will convert the rifle into an 18" barrel Standard model.
  • Wood Stock: Essentially identical to the 22" barrel Standard model but with a walnut stock instead of the black synthetic one. Available only in .22 LR caliber (Model 8329) via Ruger, but all of .22 LR (Model 8342), .22 WMR (Model 8345) and .17 HMR (Model 8346) are available in offer via TALO Distributors.
  • OD Green: Officially designated as the Model 8334[4] (.22 LR) or 8335[5] (.22 WMR), it has the same dimensions as the 18" barrel Standard model (and is under the "Standard" category on the Ruger website), but with a threaded varminter-style straight tapered barrel with no iron sights, and comes with factory Weaver rail installed. Because of the many similarities in appearance to the Predator model from the centerfire line, it has been nicknamed the "Rimfire Predator" by some users.
  • Stainless: New addition to the lineup in 2017, the Stainless models are similar in appearance to the OD Green models with factory Weaver rail and a threaded 18" 416 stainless steel barrel with no iron sights, but has a black synthetic stock and also comes in .17 HMR (Model 8353)[6] in addition to .22 LR (Model 8351)[7] and .22 WMR (Model 8352)[8]. Furthermore, in October 2017 TALO Distributors introduced a special production run of stainless version Wood Stock models in .22 LR (Model 8359)[9] and later in .22 WMR (Model 8364) and .17 HMR (Model 8365) that come fitted with an engraved walnut stock, 22-in barrel and open iron sights in addition to the receiver being drilled and tapped for scope bases.
  • Target: Same dimensions as the 18" barrel Standard model but with a threaded heavy bull barrel with no iron sights, as well as a black laminated stock with a straight comb and comes with factory Weaver rail installed. It is available for .22 LR (Model 8348) as well as .22 WMR (Model 8349) and .17 HMR (Model 8350) calibers. In late 2017, Ruger also introduced a thumbhole stock version for .22 LR (Model #8360) with a fenestrated fore-end and rollover cheekpiece. In early 2019, Ruger introduced stainless steel variants of all the previous four Target models.

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