Rugby World Cup Overall Record

This all-time table compares national teams that have participated in the Rugby World Cup by a number of criteria including matches, wins, losses, draws, total points for, total points against, etc.

The table also shows –among other things– the accumulated points for every team that has ever participated in the tournament. This takes each game as if it were a World Cup pool-stage match, with each team awarded four points for a win, two points for a draw and none for a defeat. A team scoring four tries in one match scored a bonus point, as did a team that lost by fewer than eight points.[1]

All-time table

This is a complete list of total matches played by all countries that were invited or have qualified for the Rugby World Cup since the 1987 edition.[2][3]

Last updated: 14 October 2019

 Country Pld W D L PF PA PD % TB LB Pts Avg
Best finish
 South Africa 4336-71,512553+95983.721421283.20Winner
 New Zealand 5649-72,552753+1,79987.501511693.13Winner
 Australia 5342-111,794763+1,03179.251131452.84Winner
 England 48341131,511685+82671.881011272.65Winner
 France 52362141,605937+66871.151021292.48Runner-up
 Ireland 3823-151,047684+36360.5372852.67Quarter-finals
 Scotland 41241161,241771+47059.7682892.17Fourth place
 Wales 4024-161,150774+37660.0082862.15Third place
 Argentina 4121-201,095839+25651.22112862.10Third place
 Italy 3213118627977-35042.1932531.66Pool stage
 Samoa 3113-18707813-10641.9342481.55Quarter-finals
 Fiji 3211-21732972-24034.3772461.44Quarter-finals
 Georgia 195-14254619-36526.3111211.11Pool stage
 Japan 3172226091,301-69225.8021331.06Quarter-finals
 Tonga 287-21441947-50625.0014281.00Pool stage
 Canada 3373235411,015-47425.763260.79Quarter-finals
 Romania 286-223651,068-70321.43250.89Pool stage
 Uruguay 153-12188718-53020.00--120.80Pool stage
 United States 293-264401,170-73010.3412150.52Pool stage
 Portugal 4--438209-1710.00-110.25Pool stage
 Namibia 23-1222481,323-1,0750.02-130.13Pool stage
 Russia 8--870356-2860.00-110.13Pool stage
 Zimbabwe 6--684309-2250.00--0-Pool stage
 Ivory Coast 3--329172-1430.00--0-Pool stage
 Spain 3--318122-1040.00--0-Pool stage


Pld Total number of world cup matches played
W Wins
D Draws
L Losses
PF Points for (points scored)
PA Points against (points conceded)
PD Points difference (PF-PA)
% Win ratio
TB Try Bonus Points
LB Losing Bonus Points
Pts Log points achieved (W=4, D=2, L=0)
Avg Pts Average points per match
Best finish Best overall finish

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