Rudolph II, Count of Habsburg

Rudolph II (or Rudolph the Kind) (died 10 April 1232) was Count of Habsburg in the Aargau and a progenitor of the royal House of Habsburg.

Rudolph II, Count of Habsburg
Died(1232-04-10)10 April 1232
Noble familyHouse of Habsburg
Spouse(s)Agnes of Staufen
Albert IV, Count of Habsburg
Rudolph III, Count of Habsburg
FatherAlbert III, Count of Habsburg
MotherIta of Pfullendorf

He was the only son of Count Albert III of Habsburg and Ita of Pfullendorf. He married Agnes of Staufen. Rudolph was the father of Count Albert IV of Habsburg and Count Rudolph III of Habsburg and the grandfather of King Rudolph I of Germany.

Rudolph II, Count of Habsburg
Born: ? Died: 1232
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Albert III
Count of Habsburg
1199 – 1232
Succeeded by
Albert IV and Rudolph III the Silent

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