Rudeness (film)

Rudeness (Italian: Lo sgarbo, French: Le châtiment) is a 1975 film directed by Marino Girolami.[2][3][4]

Directed byMarino Girolami
Produced by
  • Luigi Nannerini
  • Gabriele Crisanti[1]
Screenplay by
Story by
  • Antonio Margheriti
  • Luigi Russo[1]
Music byVasili Kojucharov[1]
CinematographyFranco Villa[1]
Edited byOtello Colangelli[1]
  • Starkiss Cinematografica
  • Nouvelles Les Films Oceanic[1]
Distributed byFilm Audax
Release date
  • 11 May 1975 (1975-05-11) (Italy)
Running time
105 minutes
  • Italy
  • France[1]



Following the release of The Godfather, films about the mafia in Italy were struggling with their earlier commercial appeal basically having vanished.[5] This led to later day films, such as Rudeness being overtly focused on sex.[5]

Rudeness was shot at Incir-de Paolis Studios in Rome and on location in Palermo and Paris.[1] Most of the film was shot in studios and included a lot of stock footage of streets and airports.[5]


Rudeness was distributed theatrically by Film Audax in Italy on May 11, 1975 with a 105 minute running time.[1]



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