Rozalex was a brand of Rozalex Limited, a subsidiary of the Chloride Electrical Storage Company[1] credited with being the first company in the United Kingdom to commercialise topical barrier cream for use in an industrial setting.[2]

The cream was originally developed for use in their Exide works at Clifton Junction near Manchester. Battery manufacture was labour-intensive and used hazardous materials, so skin irritation and contact dermatitis was rife among workers. Chloride began research and development of a barrier cream which could help protect workers and increase productivity.

Company history

The company was founded in 1929[3] as a spin-off of The Chloride Electrical Storage Co. Ltd.

  • 1969 Newton, Chambers & Company[4] acquired Rozalex Limited and the brand sat along other household names such as IZAL and Zalpon.
  • 1972 Newton, Chambers & Co was subsequently acquired by the Central & Sheerwood Trust an Investment banking and financial services group.
  • 1973 Central & Sheerwood Trust sold the IZAL operation which included Rozalex to Sterling Winthrop's, Sterling Industrial.
  • 1981 Sterling Industrial acquired the Kerodex range of industrial barrier creams and merged them into the Rozalex Range.
  • 1987 Unilever acquired Sterling Industrial in a strategic move to push into the Business to Business hygiene, janitorial and floor care sectors.
  • 2002 Unilever sold the main equity share of its Business to Business division (Lever Industrial-DiverseyLever) to SC Johnson to form JohnsonDiversey.
  • 2008 JohnsonDiversey divests the Rozalex brand to Present Value Limited and Rozalex Limited is reinstated.[5]
  • 2010 Rozalex sponsors the Ginetta G50 car of the Barwell Motorsport team in the 2010 British Touring Car Championship TOCA series driven by Julien Draper
  • 2011 Rozalex sponsors the Aston Martin GT4 car of the Barwell Motorsport team in the 2011 British GT Championship driven by Peter Erceg and Tiff Needell
  • 2011 Rozalex sponsors the Greenpower Education Trust promoting sustainable engineering to young people
  • 2011 Rozalex teams up with Goodwood to supply limited edition tins of handcare products for the 2011 Goodwood Revival.
  • 2012 Present Value divests the Rozalex brand to Hughen Limited. Rozalex is now a fully trading subsidiary of Hughen Limited.
  • 2013 Rozalex launches new Pouch Dispensing System (PDS) for the Industrial / Engineering / Automotive / Marine / Construction and Energy sectors.

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