Royal Caledonian Curling Club

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club (RCCC), branded as Scottish Curling[1] is the mother club of the sport of curling, and the governing body of curling in Scotland. The RCCC was founded on 25 July 1838 in Edinburgh, and granted its royal charter by Queen Victoria in 1843, after she had witnessed a demonstration of the sport played on the polished ballroom floor of Scone Palace the previous year.

The body is based at the Royal Highland Showground, Ingliston, Edinburgh.

The objective of the RCCC is "To unite curlers throughout the world into one Brotherhood of the Rink", and today the Royal Club has branches and affiliated associations and clubs in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, the United States and Wales.

In 1853 the club established a curling pond for Grand Matches at Carsebreck Loch in Perth and Kinross.[2] This site saw twenty-five such matches that were served by the club's own private Carsbreck until the last was held at this site in 1935.[2]

World Curling Federation

The World Curling Federation (WCF), the governing body for international curling, originated as a committee (formed in Perth, Scotland in March 1965) of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, and became an independent organisation in 1982. The WCF officially recognises the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, as the Mother Club of Curling. The WCF is still based in Perth, although for a brief period between 1994 and 2000 it too was based in Edinburgh with the mother club.

Championship events

The RCCC, as the Scottish governing body for curling, holds a number of championship events throughout the year.

Curlers' Grace

O’Lord wha’s love surrounds us a’,
And brings us a’ the gether,
Wha’ writes your laws upon oor hearts,
And bids us help each ither.
We bless Thee for Thy bounties great,
For meat and hame and gear,
We thank Thee, Lord, for snaw and ice,
But still we ask for mair.
Gi’e us a hert to dae whit’s richt,
Like curlers true and keen,
To be guid friends along life’s road,
And soop oor slide aye clean.
O Power abune whose bounty free,
Oor needs and wants suffices,
We render thanks for Barley Bree,
And meat that appetises.
Be Thou our Skip throughout life's game,
An' syne we're sure to win,
Tho' slow the shot and wide the aim,
We'll soop each ither in.

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