Royal Australian Historical Society

The Royal Australian Historical Society is a voluntary organisation founded in Sydney, Australia in 1901[1][2] with Andrew Houison as founding president.[3] Its goals are to encourage the study of and interest in Australian history. It has a membership throughout Australia and many of its activities and facilities are funded by contributions from its members and benefactors.[4]

Royal Australian Historical Society
History House at 133 Macquarie
FounderAndrew Houison
Founding President
TypeHistorical society; incorporated company limited by guarantee
ABN 91 000 027 654
Registration no.ACN 000 027 654
Area served
Formerly called
Australian History Society
Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society
Publication details
Former name(s)
Journal and Proceedings, Australian Historical Society, Journal and Proceedings, Royal Australian Historical Society
Royal Australian Historical Society (Australia)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4J. R. Aust. Hist. Soc.
OCLC no.241448762
History: Magazine of the Royal Australian Historical Society and Affiliated Societies
PublisherRoyal Australian Historical Society
First issue1988

The society is a constituent member of the Federation of Australian Historical Societies.[5]


The goals of the society are:[6]

  • to encourage the study of Australian history and the preservation of Australian heritage
  • to promote the compilation of authentic records relating to Australia
  • to acquire, either by purchase, donation or otherwise, and preserve for the use of the society books, manuscripts, newspapers, prints, pictures and all such objects and materials (in any media) as may be considered by the Council to have a bearing on Australian history, and to establish, form, furnish and maintain a library
  • to promote interchange of information among members of the Society by lectures, readings, discussions, exhibitions of historical significance, tours, excursions and other appropriate means
  • to print, publish (in any media) and circulate such journals, periodicals, books and other literary or other undertakings as may seem conducive to any of the objects of the society


The society undertakes a range of activities including lectures and workshops, functions, walks, talks, and visits on a wide variety of topics in Australian history. It holds an annual conference which addresses current historical issues in local history and heritage. Publications include the quarterly magazine, History, and the biannual academic journal, Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society,[7] containing scholarly articles and book reviews. The society also has a research library with an extensive collection of pictorial and text resources on all aspects of the history of New South Wales. In addition it administers grant schemes on behalf of the New South Wales government for the promotion of heritage and the writing and publication of local history.[8]


The following persons have been president of the society:

  • 2018–present Christine Isabel Yeats
  • 2014–2018 Carol Ann Liston
  • 2012–2014 Anne-Maree Harriet Cox Whitaker
  • 2011–2012 David Sulman Carment
  • 2003–2011 Robert Ian Jack
  • 2002 Carol Ann Liston
  • 1999–2001 Ruth Meredith Frappell
  • 1993–1998 Rosemary Diane Annable
  • 1988–1992 Carol Ann Liston
  • 1987 Robert Charles Lewis Irving
  • 1985–1986 John Michael Bennett
  • 1982–1984 Alice Hazel Kelso King
  • 1977–1981 Kenneth John Cable
  • 1970–1976 Rae Else-Mitchell
  • 1963–1969 Allan Ernest Bax
  • 1961–1962 Harold Arthur MacLeod Morgan
  • 1959–1960 Alexander Hugh Chisholm
  • 1954–1958 Charles Herbert Currey
  • 1953 Karl Reginald Cramp
  • 1950–1952 James Keith Solling Houison
  • 1948–1949 George Mackaness
  • 1945–1947 Guy Drayson Blaxland
  • 1942–1944 Alfred Ernest Stephen
  • 1940–1941 John Alexander Ferguson
  • 1937–1939 Karl Reginald Cramp
  • 1934–1936 George Henry Abbott
  • 1931–1933 Owen Esmond Friend
  • 1930 Harold Francis Joseph Norrie
  • 1928–1929 Karl Reginald Cramp
  • 1926–1927 James Henry Watson
  • 1923–1925 Aubrey Halloran
  • 1922 John Alexander Ferguson
  • 1921 Karl Reginald Cramp
  • 1920 Reginald James Black
  • 1919 Stephen Henry Smith
  • 1918 Hugh Wright
  • 1917 William Albert Braylesford Greaves
  • 1916 Walter Scott Campbell
  • 1915 Charles Trimby Burfitt
  • 1914 Charles Henry Bertie
  • 1912–1913 Frank Walker
  • 1911 James Dalgarno
  • 1910 William Henry Hazell Yarrington
  • 1909 James Henry Watson
  • 1908 Andrew Houison
  • 1907 Joseph Henry Maiden
  • 1906 William James Günther
  • 1905 Joseph Henry Maiden
  • 1904 Arthur Ashworth Aspinall
  • 1903 William Henry Hazell Yarrington
  • 1902 Norman Selfe
  • 1901 Andrew Houison


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Further reading

  • James, Alfred (June 2001). "Much Writing, Many Opinions: The making of the Royal Australian Historical Society 1901-2001". Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society. 87 (1).
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