Roya Arab

Roya Arab (born 1967) is a UK-based Iranian musician and archaeologist. Besides music, she has a passion for all things Iranian/Persian, past and present.

Musical career

Born in Tehran, Iran, Roya Arab learned the craft of singing during jam sessions around London in the early and mid-1990s.[1] She was the first Iranian female to receive a publishing and recording deal from a major Western label, when she was signed as a member of Archive to Island Records in 1994, and the album Londinium was released in 1996.[2][3][4] The band broke up shortly after. Arab went on to work with various artists, including Leila in Like Weather[5][6][7], Grooverider in Mysteries of Funk[8][9], followed by some work in Paris with Zend Avesta and Naab, before working on a project with Mike Figgis. Courtesy of Choice (2000) by Leila was the last album Arab appeared on before leaving music to study archaeology.

In 2008 Roya sang on Blood, Looms and Blooms,[10][11][12] before joining Leila on a European tour in 2009[13][14]. Realising that she missed music, Roya started working with young Iranian musicians leaving Iran including Hichkas and Ash Koosha, and performing live again. She then appeared on Rosko John's debut solo album call to arms in 2012.


Roya Arab attended Maktabe Tarbiat school in Tehran, while also studying at summer schools in Montana, Switzerland, and St Georges in Ascot. After the 1979 revolution she boarded at Ancaster House School in Bexhill-on-Sea, before taking her A-levels at North Westminster community school. She then attended one year of a copywriting/advertising course before taking time out from education.

She joined UCL (UCL) in 2000 to complete a BA and MA in Archaeology and Public Archaeology. She is currently undertaking a PhD on music in Iranian film at City, University of London.

Archiving, socio-political commentary and promoting cultures of the Middle East and North Africa

During and after Arab's studies in public archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology at UCL she has archived[15] historical documents including the Wertime Collection[16] and the Campbell archives.[17]

She has also written various reports and papers on the political situation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), including articles in CounterPunch[18][19] and Media Diversified[20] Roya promotes the cultures of the MENA region with a special interest in Iran. She has worked with organisations and festivals such as Nour (RBKC)[21] and the London Middle East Institute (LMEI) at SOAS, University of London[22] to curate events celebrating the art, music, literature and beauty of Middle East and North Africa.

Selected discography

  • 1996: Archive, Londinium (Island Records): "All Time", "So few Words", "Ubiquitous Wife" (a.k.a. "Headspace"), "Darkroom", "Londinium", "Nothing Else", "Parvaneh (Butterfly)", "Last Five", "Ubiquitous Wife Remix" (hidden song)
  • 1998: Grooverider, Mysteries of Funk: "Rainbows of Colour" (Arab, Grooverider, Optical)
  • 1998: Leila, Like Weather: "Blue Grace" (R. Arab, L. Arab)
  • 1999: Naab, L’étranger: "L’étranger" (Arab, Naab)
  • 2000: Zend Avesta, Organique: "À la Manière" (Arab, Rebotini)
  • 2000: Leila, Courtesy of Choice: "Different time" (R. Arab, L. Arab, G. Jones, Woolley)
  • 2008: Leila, Blood, Looms and Blooms: "Daisies, Cats and Spacemen" (R. Arab, L. Arab)
  • 2011: R. Arab & Hichkas, "Killing Fields" (R.Arab & Hichkas)
  • 2012: Rosko John, "Tactical light" (Rosko John and R.Arab)
  • 2013: Hichkas, R. Arab & Dariush "Mooye Parishoon" (Hichkas, R. Arab, Dariush & Mahdyar Aghajani)
  • 2014: R. Arab, "Siren's call" film score for Hinterland a short film by Sebastian Lister
  • 2014: Rosko John, Call to Arms: "March Forth" (Rosko John, R. Arab & Mahdyar Aghajani)

Selected publications

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