Roy Lockwood

Roy Lockwood, (8 June 1907 to 25 April 2002) was a pioneering British film, television and radio director.[1] His work included directing the radio soap opera Valiant Lady.[2]

Roy Lockwood
Born(1907-06-08)June 8, 1907
DiedApril 25, 2002(2002-04-25) (aged 94)
Years active1923-1946
Spouse(s)Betty Lockwood 1960 - 2002


In 1941, Lockwood left the British Press Service and joined the production staff of NBC in New York City.[3] He joined the staff of the Blue Network as a producer in 1942.[4]

Later, he was head of BBC "productions from America to Britain," which he left to become producer of Light of the World for General Mills on CBS in 1945.[5] While with the BBC, his work included producing The War in the Pacific[6] and a series of broadcasts about United States military forces from their beginnings to what was then the present time.[7]


Lockwood was a producer for CBS-TV.[8] His work there included producing Resources for Freedom in 1954.[9]


In 1955, Lockwood became a producer-director for Robert Lawrence Productions in New York.[8]



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