Rough Riding Romance

Rough Riding Romance is a lost 1919 American silent western film directed by Arthur Rosson and starring cowboy Tom Mix. It was produced and distributed by Fox Film Corporation.[1][2]

Rough Riding Romance
Directed byArthur Rosson
Produced byWilliam Fox
Written byCharles Kenyon
StarringTom Mix
CinematographyFred LeRoy Granville
Distributed byFox Film
Release date
August 24, 1919
Running time
50 minutes
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)


As described in a film magazine,[3] Phineas Dobbs (Mix), cowboy and dairyman, becomes rich when oil is discovered on his land. His first thought is to give a party with the whole town as his guests. The party is at its height when a mysterious and beautiful young woman with two frock coated escorts alight from a nearby stalled train who are menaced by the town bad man. Disposing of the bad man in his best style, Phineas takes to the open country on his horse. The train passes and the lady throws him a note from the window, asking him to follow and rescue her. His quest takes him to San Francisco and thence to an estate in the San Mateo hills, where a secret society of foreign noblemen are seeking to force the young woman to marry one of their member. Her father is held prisoner and his life is to be the price of her refusal. Phineas mixes in and, with the help of his trusted steed, effects the rescue of the young woman, who turns out to be a princess and her father a king. Some time later after he has returned to the ranch, the young woman appears and they are married.


Preservation status

Only a fragment of the film is preserved at the Library of Congress.[4]

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