Roswolsky's Mistress

Roswolsky's Mistress (German: Die Geliebte Roswolskys) is a 1921 German silent drama film directed by Felix Basch and starring Asta Nielsen, Paul Wegener and Wilhelm Diegelmann. It was based on a novel by George Froeschel. The film was shot at the Tempelhof Studios in Berlin, with sets designed by art directors Robert Neppach and Jack Winter. According to one estimate, the star Asta Nielsen wore thirty six different costumes during the course of the film.[1]

Roswolsky's Mistress
Directed byFelix Basch
Written byGeorge Froeschel (novel)
Henrik Galeen
Hans Janowitz
StarringAsta Nielsen
Paul Wegener
Wilhelm Diegelmann
Ferdinand von Alten
Music byBruno Schulz
CinematographyCarl Drews
Adolf Lieberenz
Distributed byUFA
Release date
2 September 1921
German intertitles


A working class girl is mistakenly believed to have become the mistress of a billionaire.



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