Ronnie Lazaro

Ronnie Zabala Lazaro (born November 14, 1957) is a Gawad Urian Award-winning[1] Filipino film and television actor, producer, casting and art director.

Ronnie Lazaro
Ronnie Zabala Lazaro

(1957-11-14) November 14, 1957
Sagay, Negros Occidental, Philippines
OccupationActor, producer, casting director
Years active1977–present


He has received many nominations throughout his career as an actor, nine of which were for Best Supporting Actor, and two for Best Actor (Ebolusyon in 2005 and Boatman in 1984). His films received recognition not only in the Philippines but also in international film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin and Hong Kong. He is currently working on a saga, Heremias, with Filipino director Lav Diaz, the first part of which has been shown for exhibition in the 23rd Turin Film Festival.[2] He has also performed in several foreign projects filmed both in the Philippines and abroad.[3]

Lazaro is also active in television and has appeared in various soap operas, such as Kamada, winner of the Dove Awards in 1997, and Anna Luna, where he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 1990.[4]

Lazaro was born in Negros Occidental, Philippines. His roots are in theatre: He co-directed an improvisational play entitled Pugakhang in 1979,[5] and has toured nationwide to stage several plays including Hiblang Abo, which he co-produced.[6]

Aside from his work as a film, theatre and television actor, Lazaro has had his share of achievements behind the camera. His art direction[7] in Manila by Night (City after Dark) won the Best Production Design Award in 1981. A self-taught photographer, he also launched in January 2005 a photo exhibit in the Museo de la Cárcel Real in Cáceres, Spain entitled Manila en las palmas de la luz (Manila in the palms of light),[8] which ran for two months. The same exhibit was again mounted in October 2006 in Museo Perez Commendador–Leroux, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the said museum.[9]

The Gawad Urian Awards named Lazaro Best Actor in 2009 for his portrayal of a troubled father in the movie Yanggaw (English title: Affliction).[10] He clinched two nominations from this same award-giving body in 2012:[11] he was nominated as Best Actor for the film Boundary, and for Best Supporting Actor for Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story.

Aside from his native Hiligaynon, Ronnie speaks Tagalog, English and a little Spanish.



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2019 Maalaala Mo Kaya: FlyersJacintoABS-CBN
2018Kadenang GintoNicolas "Kulas" BartolomeABS-CBN
2017 The Good SonMatias ReyesABS-CBN
2017 Ang ProbinsyanoDon Romano Recio / ChairmanABS-CBN
2016My Super DDado AguilarABS-CBN
2016 Someone To Watch Over MeRuben "Estoy" MercadoGMA Network
2015 Pangako Sa 'YoFrancisco "Isko" MacaspacABS-CBN
2014Ikaw LamangPacquitoABS-CBN
2013Bukas Na Lang Kita MamahalinBenjieABS-CBN
2013 IndioWaray LupigGMA Network
2012Kung Ako'y Iiwan MoCitoABS-CBN
2011 Wansapanataym: Darmo AdarnaDarakoABS-CBN
2011 Maalaala Mo Kaya: MedalyonPapaABS-CBN
2011Minsan Lang Kita IibiginDiegoABS-CBN
2010 Wansapanataym: Super Kikay and her Flying PagongJorgeABS-CBN
2010Agimat: Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla: Elias PanikiVictorABS-CBN
2010Sine Novela: Gumapang Ka Sa LusakFalconGMA Network
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2008Eva FondaBenABS-CBN
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1997 EsperanzaDuarteABS-CBN
1989Anna LunaPinongABS-CBN
1985ChampoyHimself RPN


  • 2019 Maria... Greg
  • 2018 Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral... Lt. Garcia
  • 2015 Heneral Luna... Lt. Garcia
  • 2012
    Ang Katiwala Kuya Gimo
    El Presidente General Candido Tirona
    Ang Mga Kidnapper Ni Ronnie Lazaro
  • 2011 Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story
  • 2010 Ishmael
  • 2010 Amigo
  • 2009 Yanggaw
  • 2009 Pandemic
  • 2009 Manila Skies
  • 2009 Villa Estrella
  • 2008 Brutus
  • 2008 Love Me Again
  • 2008 Affliction
  • 2008 Namets!
  • 2008 Ploning
  • 2007 Ataul for Rent (International title: Casket for Hire)
  • 2007 Tukso
  • 2007 M.O.N.A.Y (Misteyks obda neyson adres Yata) ni Mr. Shooli
  • 2006 Heremias (Unang aklat: Ang alamat ng prinsesang bayawak) ... Heremias
  • 2006 Green Rocking Chair
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  • 1992 Bayani
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  • 1989 Return from the River Kwai ... Boonrod
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  • 1984 Boatman ... Felipe
  • 1982 Oro, Plata, Mata ... Hermes Mercurio
  • 1978 Wake Up, Maruja ... Vergel
  • 1977 Captive Virgins ... Hermes


  • 2005: Sandalang Bahay (associate producer)
  • 2009: Ang Beerhouse (associate producer)

Casting director

Art director

  • 1980 City After Dark

Awards and nominations

2009Gawad UrianBest Actor(for Affliction 2008)Won
2008FAP Awards, PhilippinesBest Supporting Actor (for Casket for Hire 2007)Nominated
2005FAP Awards, PhilippinesBest Supporting Actor (for Panaghóy sa subâ: The Call of the River 2004)Nominated
2005Gawad UrianBest Actor (for Evolution of a Filipino Family 2004)Nominated
2001Metro Manila Film FestivalBest Supporting Actor (for Bagong Buwan)[12]Won
1985Gawad UrianBest Actor (for Boatman 1984)Nominated
1983Gawad UrianBest Supporting Actor (for Oro, Plata, Mata 1982)Nominated


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