Ronald Brewster

Ronald "Ron" Brewster (born April 2, 1976 in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland) is a Scottish male curler and curling coach. He won the European curling championship in 2003.

Ronald Brewster
Born (1976-04-02) April 2, 1976
Member Association Scotland
European Championship
2 (2003, 2004)
Other appearancesWorld Junior Curling Championships: 2 (1995, 1996)


1994–95Tom BrewsterPaul WestwoodRonald BrewsterSteve StillDavid Murdoch
SJCC 1995
WJCC 1995
1995–96James DryburghRoss BarnetRonald BrewsterDavid MurdochEuan Byers
SJCC 1996
WJCC 1996
1996–97Tom BrewsterRichard GoldieRonald BrewsterDavid Murdoch
2000–01Tom BrewsterGraeme ConnalRonald Brewster?
2002–03Tom BrewsterGraeme ConnalRonald BrewsterColin Campbell
2003–04David MurdochCraig WilsonNeil MurdochEuan ByersRonald Brewster
Tom Pendreigh
ECC 2003
2003–04Tom BrewsterGraeme ConnalRonald BrewsterColin Campbell
2004–05David MurdochCraig WilsonNeil MurdochEuan ByersRonald Brewster
Tom Pendreigh
ECC 2004 (4th)
2004–05Tom BrewsterGraeme ConnalRonald BrewsterColin CampbellSMCC 2005 (6th)
2005–06Tom BrewsterGraeme ConnalRonald BrewsterColin CampbellSMCC 2006 (4th)
2006–07Tom BrewsterHammy McMillanRonald BrewsterColin CampbellSMCC 2007
2007–08Tom BrewsterHammy McMillanRonald BrewsterColin Campbell
2008–09Tom BrewsterDuncan FernieRonald BrewsterColin CampbellSMCC 2009
2008–09Tom BrewsterDuncan FernieRonald BrewsterDavid Edwards
2009–10Tom BrewsterDuncan FernieRonald BrewsterDavid Edwards
Mixed curling
2002–03Brian BinnieClaire MilneRonald BrewsterNancy MurdochSMxCC 2003

Record as a coach of national teams

YearTournament, eventNational teamPlace
20052005 World Junior Curling Championships Scotland (junior women)
20112011 World Men's Curling Championship Scotland (men)
20122012 World Men's Curling Championship Scotland (men)

Private life

Ronald is from curlers family: his older brother Tom Brewster is well-known curler, 2014 Winter Olympics silver medallist.[1]


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