Ron Hutchinson (screenwriter)

Ron Hutchinson (born near Lisburn, County Antrim, Northern Ireland) is an Emmy Award winning[1] Irish screenwriter and playwright, known for writing Against the Wall and The Island of Dr. Moreau (both directed by John Frankenheimer), Slave of Dreams (directed by Robert M. Young), the play Moonlight and Magnolias, and the 2004 miniseries Traffic.

Moonlight and Magnolias at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, Illinois was nominated for the 2004 Joseph Jefferson Award for New Work. The Irish Play was performed in a Royal Shakespeare Company production at the Royal Shakespeare Company Warehouse Theatre in London, England with Ron Cook, Brenda Fricker, and P.G. Stephens in the cast. Barry Kyle was director.

Brought up and educated in Coventry, Hutchinson has written stage and radio plays as well as his screenwriting.[2]

He now lives in Los Angeles, California with his second wife and adopted daughter.


Writing in Variety in 2005, David Rooney found the Manhattan Theatre Club's production of Moonlight and Magnolias to be a "flimsy comedy", but that "despite its superficial exploration of anti-Semitism in 1939 Hollywood, the play is not without its pleasures".[3] Reviewing the Tricycle Theatre's production of the play for The Daily Telegraph two years later, Charles Spencer called it a "delightful screwball comedy that is also a valentine to the golden days of Hollywood. A prolific screenwriter himself, who knows what it is to be holed up in a hotel room at two in the morning with a script to doctor for the following day's shoot, Hutchinson has come up with a comedy of panache that's certainly worth giving a damn about."[4]

Selected filmography

Plays by Ron Hutchinson[5]

  • Says I, Says He (1977)
  • Eejits (1978)
  • The Irish Play (1980)
  • Risky City (1981)
  • Into Europe (1981)
  • The Dillen (1983)
  • Rat In The Skull (1984)
  • Mary, After The Queen (1985)
  • Flight (1988)
  • Pygmies In The Ruins (1991)
  • Burning Issues 2000)
  • Lags (2001)
  • Beau Brummell (2001)
  • Head/Case (2004)
  • Moonlight and Magnolias (2004)
  • Topless Mum In Dead Hero Shocker!! (2007)
  • Durand's Line (2009)
  • Paisley & me (2012)
  • Dead On Her Feet (2012)

TV series

  • (1987)The Marksman (TV mini-series)
  • (1986) Unnatural Causes (TV series)

– Window, Sir? (1986) (writer)

  • (1985) Connie (TV series)
  • (1984) Bird of Prey 2 (TV series)

– Trapdoor and Spook (1984) (writer) – Ducks in a Row (1984) (writer) – A State-of-the-Art Way to Die (1984) (writer) – Death and Taxes (1984) (writer)

  • (1982) Bird of Prey (TV series)

– Printout Urgent (1982) (writer) – Process Priority (1982) (writer) – Mode Murder (1982) (writer) – Input Classified (1982) (writer)

  • (1980) Bull Week (TV mini-series)

– Saturday (1980) (writer) – Friday (1980) (writer) – Thursday (1980) (writer) – Wednesday (1980) (writer) – Tuesday (1980) (writer)

  • (1979) Premiere (TV series)

– Deasey (1979) (writer)

– The Winkler (1979) (writer)

– The Last Window Cleaner (1979) (writer) – The Out of Town Boys (1979) (writer)

– Twelve Off the Belt (1977) (writer)

TV movie

  • (2010) The Devil's Teardrop (TV movie) (adaptation)
  • (2007) Marco Polo (TV movie) (written by)
  • (2006) The Ten Commandments (TV movie) (written by)
  • (1995) Slave of Dreams (TV movie) (written by)
  • (1995) The Tuskegee Airmen (TV movie) (teleplay)
  • (1994) Fatherland (TV movie) (teleplay)
  • (1994) The Burning Season (TV movie) (teleplay)
  • (1994) Against the Wall (TV movie) (written by)
  • (1991) Prisoner of Honor (TV movie) (written by)
  • (1991) The Josephine Baker Story (TV movie) (story / teleplay)
  • (1989) Red King, White Knight (TV movie) (written by)
  • (1989) Perfect Witness (TV movie) (written by)
  • (1989) Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story (TV movie) (written by)
  • (1989) Dead Man Out (TV movie) (teleplay)

Radio drama

In April 2019, BBC Radio 4 broadcast Hutchinson's Ship of Lies, a five-part drama based on some of the legends and myths regarding RMS Titanic.[6]


  • The Devil's Teardrop (2010) (TV movie) (Executive producer)
  • Traffic (TV mini-series) (Executive producer)


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